Training & Development

In 2008, Notre Dame of Maryland University began participating in Building Bridges Across Maryland, a unique training, networking and development program for support staff and supervisors at area colleges and universities including:

  • Maryland Institute College of Art
  • McDaniel College
  • Notre Dame of Maryland University
  • Towson University
  • University of Baltimore County

We would like to thank Towson University for launching this program and encourage anyone that is interested to visit their website for more information, including a list of graduates from the program and a list of current participants.

Notre Dame Graduates

2017-2018 Administrative Support Cohort

Felicia Cadden
Emily Dow
Brittany Howard
Felicia John

2016-2017 Administrative Support Cohort

Lauren Rohrs
Shannon Scheel
Catherine Subrizi

2015-2016 Administrative Support Cohort

April Bright
Katherine Clemmens
Kendra Downey
Catherine McCabe

2014-2015 Administrative Support Cohort

Kim Hayes
Ally Keaton
Morgan Randall
Chiara Rosengarten
Concetta Tomas

2013-2014 Administrative Support Cohort

Laura Janicki
Maricka Oglesby
Jen Pohler
Mary Priebe

Previous Years

2012-2013 Supervisor Cohort

Melissa Lees
Katie Schwienteck
Catherine Valentine

2012-2013 Administrative Support Cohort

Mary Alice Adams
Zurita Brown
Leatha Oldham
Theresa Peddicord
Amy Rohrs

2011-2012 Supervisor Cohort

Brent Bauhaus
Erin Foley
Charmaine Hood
Linda Stevens
Candace Sumner

2011-2012 Administrative Support Cohort

Michelle Evans
Arlene Lawson
Mary Lochary
Chris Rhodovi

2010-2011 Supervisor Cohort

Linda Cain
Lynn Eccleston
Jill Eigenbrode
Jeff Munchel

2010-2011 Administrative Support Cohort

Victoria Gue
Melissa King
Caroline Mahle
Gina Roussos

2009-2010 Administrative Support Cohort

Donna Jenkins
Jessica Propp
Kim Smith
Merry Wasmer

2008-2009 Administrative Support Cohort

Dawn Bradshaw
Latisha Jones
Stephanie Matthews
Stephanie Sturtevant
Shannon Raum