Training & Development

In 2008, Notre Dame of Maryland University began participating in Building Bridges Across Maryland, a unique training, networking and development program for support staff at area colleges and universities including:

  • McDaniel College
  • Notre Dame of Maryland University
  • Towson University
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County

We would like to thank Towson University for launching this program and encourage anyone that is interested to visit their website for more information, including a list of graduates from the program and a list of current participants.

Notre Dame Graduates

2017-2018 Administrative Support Cohort

Felicia Cadden
Emily Dow
Brittany Howard
Felicia John

2016-2017 Administrative Support Cohort

Lauren Rohrs
Shannon Scheel
Catherine Subrizi

2015-2016 Administrative Support Cohort

April Bright
Katherine Clemmens
Kendra Downey
Catherine McCabe

2014-2015 Administrative Support Cohort

Kim Hayes
Ally Keaton
Morgan Randall
Chiara Rosengarten
Concetta Tomas

Previous Years

2013-2014 Administrative Support Cohort

Laura Janicki
Maricka Oglesby
Jen Pohler
Mary Priebe

2012-2013 Supervisor Cohort

Melissa Lees
Katie Schwienteck
Catherine Valentine

2012-2013 Administrative Support Cohort

Mary Alice Adams
Zurita Brown
Leatha Oldham
Theresa Peddicord
Amy Rohrs

2011-2012 Supervisor Cohort

Brent Bauhaus
Erin Foley
Charmaine Hood
Linda Stevens
Candace Sumner

2011-2012 Administrative Support Cohort

Michelle Evans
Arlene Lawson
Mary Lochary
Chris Rhodovi

2010-2011 Supervisor Cohort

Linda Cain
Lynn Eccleston
Jill Eigenbrode
Jeff Munchel

2010-2011 Administrative Support Cohort

Victoria Gue
Melissa King
Caroline Mahle
Gina Roussos

2009-2010 Administrative Support Cohort

Donna Jenkins
Jessica Propp
Kim Smith
Merry Wasmer

2008-2009 Administrative Support Cohort

Dawn Bradshaw
Latisha Jones
Stephanie Matthews
Stephanie Sturtevant
Shannon Raum

Upcoming Training: June 2018

Customer Service Excellence

Learn how to identify your customers and their expectations. Identify behaviors that constitute excellent service, recognize various modes of communication and when to use each, practice good customer service techniques, and develop a personal action plan to improve customer service back on the job.

  • Wednesday, June 6th from 9:00 a.m. to Noon in Gibbons 215
  • Wednesday, June 20th from 9:00 a.m. to Noon in Gibbons 215

Managing Your Strengths

Take an in-depth look at your personal strengths, interests, and skills. Identifying and using your strengths is the key to improving individual effectiveness and team performance. 

  • Tuesday, June 12th from 12:15pm-1:45pm in Gibbons 215

To register, please email