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College of Notre Dame Celebrates Nancy Kreiter Research Day

April 5, 2011

College of Notre Dame of Maryland is hosting Nancy Kreiter Student Research Day, the college’s annual showcase of undergraduate research in arts and sciences, on Friday, April 15.

Notre Dame Vice President for Academic Affairs Christine De Vinne, O.S.U., Ph.D., is opening the day’s events, followed by remarks from Jane Jacob, an alumna of the Class of 2009 and graduate student at the University of Houston’s Psychology Ph.D. program in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Miss Jacob was a charter participant in Nancy Kreiter Student Resesarch Day and won the award for Best Presenter in Humanities for her presentation, “Genetics of Skin Color” in 2008.

Forty students are exhibiting projects in a series of five sessions, running from 2 to 5 p.m. in Fourier Hall. Awards will be presented to students in each of the four academic areas represented: Humanities, Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, as well as one overall award for excellence. 

• Session 1 highlights the arts and features “Rephotography,” “Pin-Up Photography” and “Reality, a New Frontier.”

• Session 2 is the Poster Session: “Enzyme Activity and Nutrient Acquisition in Orchid Mycorrhizal Fungi”; “Important Binding Determinants of Potential Antibacterial Drug Target 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate”; “Causal Attributions of Leadership Roles by African Americans and Caucasians”; “DNA Methylation of Genes Encoding Drug Metabolizing Enzymes”; “Positronium and Electron Scattering through Helium”; “Student-Faculty Interaction in a Women’s College Effect on Race, Social Class, First Generation and Student Outcomes”; “Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis: Quantitative Interaction between Flavonoids and Serum Albumin”; “The Effect of Different Sources of Food and the Direction of Growth of Physarum polycephalum”; “Preclinical Testing of a Sarcomeric Activator in the Aminin-2 Deficient Mouse Model of Muscular Dystrophy”; and “The Effects of Temperature on the Growth Rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus."

• Session 3 examines social institutions and progress: “The Illegitimacy of the War on Drugs”; “Corruption in the Golden State: An Examination of the Rizzo Case”; “Peace-building in the Caminos a la Libertad: Identity and Pride through Soccer and Mingas”; and “The Future of Notre Dame.”

• Session 4 looks at identity: “Beauty, Brains and Breeding: DuMaurier’s Monstrous ‘Angel in the House’”; “Gendered Work, Stigma and the Restaurant Industry”; “An Analysis of the LGBT Community Using Labeling Theory”; and “I am Determined; What Now?”

• Session 5 examines contemporary social issues, including “Gender Differences in Childhood Sexual Abuse,” “Violence Against Women in America” and “Punishing Civil Disobedience?”

• Session 6 is about visual studies: “The Last Judgment: A Comparison of Revelation 20:11-15 and Michelangelo's Last Judgment,” “The Four Horsemen in Revelation and Durer's Work” and “A Glance into Rear Window.”

• Session 7, creative writing readings, includes “Pudding,” “The Garden is a Ground Plot for the Mind” and “Legacy of a Petty Thief.”

Nancy Kreiter Research Day concludes with an awards ceremony and a picnic dinner with music for the college community.

The research forum honors the late Dr. Nancy Kreiter, associate professor of biology at Notre Dame, who was a strong advocate for undergraduate research. Prior to her untimely death in December 2007, she was part of a faculty task force that explored ways students and faculty could develop and deepen opportunities for student research. Initiating a forum to share student research was one of their suggestions.

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