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College of Notre Dame of Maryland Celebrates Nancy Kreiter Research Day

April 20, 2010

College of Notre Dame of Maryland is hosting Nancy Kreiter Student Research Day on Friday, April 23, the college’s annual showcase of undergraduate research in arts and sciences. 

Notre Dame President Mary Pat Seurkamp is opening the day’s events, followed by remarks from Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow and global climate change expert Dr. Robert Musil. 

Forty-three students are exhibiting projects in a series of five sessions, running from 2 to 5 p.m. in Fourier Hall. Awards will be presented to students in each of the four academic areas represented: Humanities, Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, as well as one overall award for excellence. 

• Session 1 highlights the arts and features: “Secrets and Confessions of Our Bodies”; “The Development of Chinese Music”; “Flower Girl”; “Sushi Dates” and “Boxes of Success.”

• Session 2 focuses on social issues, including: “Health Perspectives of Black Women”; “The Illegitimacy of the War on Drugs”; “Youth for Peace Through Community Development” and “Autism and Simulation Theory.” 

• Session 3 examines rebellious women: “Good Riddance Mother: Shaw’s New Woman in Mrs. Warren’s Profession”; “An Alien Infection: Dracula and the Threat of the New Woman” and “Possessing Oneself: The Search for Identity in Kate Chopin’s ‘The Awakening.’” 

• Session 4 is an art exhibit, featuring: “Palladium Prints”; “A Different Look” and “To Make Music.” 

• Session 5 looks at the works of Charles Dickens: “Sanitary Reform in Dickens’s Writings” and “Mothers and Families in Charles Dickens.” 

• Session 6 is the Ethics Bowl Panel, “Applying Philosophy.” 

• Session 7 is the Poster Session, featuring “What really kills Staphylococcus aureus?”; “Understanding Substrate Specificity of 1-Deoxy-D-Xylulose 5-Phosphate (DXP) Synthase”; “Non-Sequential Cues as a Mediating Factor of Timing Behavior in Rattus norvegicus”; “Establishing a Local Nonprofit Online”; “Students’ Rating of Professors’ Accessibility and Status as a Function of Term of Address and Gender of Professor at a Single-Sex Liberal Arts College”; “Small Molecule Reactivation of Latent HIV”; “Methyl Chloride in Antarctic Ice Cores”; “Zebrafish (Danio rerio): A Model for Studying Obesity” and “Variances in Escherichia coli Susceptibility to T4 Phage.” 

• Session 8 focuses on Media Arts: "To Make Music" and "Dangerous Women: Femme Fatale in Noir."

Nancy Kreiter Research Day concludes with a picnic dinner for the college community.

The research forum honors the late Dr. Nancy Kreiter, associate professor of biology at Notre Dame, who was a strong advocate for undergraduate research. Prior to her untimely death in December 2007, she was part of a faculty task force that explored ways students and faculty could develop and deepen opportunities for student research. Initiating a forum to share student research was one of their suggestions.