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Notre Dame to Host Annual Convention of Maryland Association of Nursing Students

January 22, 2014

More than 200 nursing students from across the state will gather Sunday on the campus of Notre Dame of Maryland University for the 34th Annual Convention of the Maryland Association of Nursing Students.

The day-long event, scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Notre Dame’s campus at 4701 N. Charles St., is expected to draw students from every college and university nursing program in Maryland.

“Notre Dame is excited to host this major event promoting the profession of nursing,” said Dr. Katharine C. Cook, dean of Notre Dame’s School of Nursing. “These sessions highlight the depth and breadth of the role nurses play in the delivery of health care in our communities.”  

Sessions will focus on nursing in the new environment of the Affordable Care Act, nursing school on a budget, hospice care, labor and delivery, and NICU nursing, child psychology, nursing research and dealing with violence in the workplace. In addition, attendees will be able to experience real-life scenarios in Notre Dame’s state-of-the- art simulation labs, featuring SimMan computer-operated human patient simulators.

The keynote speaker is Kateri Allard, BSN, RN, a nurse blogger who wrote an influential piece on the Huffington Post titled “Don't Call Me Just a Nurse,” in which she advocated for respect for the key role played in health care by the nursing profession and called for the elimination of the phrase “just a nurse” from public discourse.

The closing speaker is motivational speaker and nurse Lon Kieffer, self-described "Defender of Caregivers," who encourages those in the caregiving professions to adopt attitudes and practices that will help them to avoid the “caregiver’s dilemma,” which involves focusing on the needs of others to the detriment of oneself, and to encourage caregivers to stay strong and motivated.

For more information, visit the website of the Maryland Association of Nursing Students.