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Professor Charles Yoe's "Introduction to Natural Resource Planning" Published by CRC Press

October 5, 2012

Charles Yoe, Ph.D., professor of economics at Notre Dame of Maryland University, has published "Introduction to Natural Resource Planning," a how-to guide for planners and policymakers. An expert on risk analysis, Dr. Yoe explores the complexity of the natural resource planning process and outlines effective solutions based on field-tested strategies.

"Introduction to Natural Resource Planning" guides readers through the myriad technologies available to planners, as well as the growing array of resources, problems, and opportunities that require their attention. As planners continue to struggle with familiar problems like water quality, developing resources for wise uses, loss of habitat, and floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, attention must also be paid to preservation of natural DNA, the ongoing struggle with invasive and non-indigenous species, and concern for the well-being of native and managed pollinators. Inefficient planning policies and procedures can threaten outcomes and result in costly mistakes.

Dr. Yoe is an independent risk analysis consultant, but at heart he is a planner and educator. He began his planning career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and has since worked with a number of U.S. and other government agencies as a planner, consultant, risk analyst, and trainer in a wide range of areas touching natural resources that include food and feed, natural disasters, public works infrastructure, homeland security, ecosystem restoration, resource development, biotechnology in crops, all manner of water resources, ecosystem services, and the like.