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Three Notre Dame students awarded Clare and Robert Moore Scholarships

September 18, 2013

Three NDMU students have been awarded Clare and Robert Moore Scholarships: Kristen Gilbert, Jasmine Brooks, and Montez Jennings (left to right). Kristen also received the scholarship in the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic years.

The Clare and Robert Moore Scholarship Fund offers a yearly $1,000 scholarship to a student who is majoring in English and attending Notre Dame of Maryland University, Clare's alma mater.

Clare Moore was a lifelong teacher of English, drama and speech at various Maryland schools. She and her husband Robert strongly supported higher education, regarding it as a means not only of maximizing an individual's potential but also as the catalyst for fostering a desire to contribute to the community and wider world.

Their family created the scholarship in their parents' memory to honor their devotion to education and language.