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The Career Center helps connect employers seeking interns with students looking for field experience. Internships can vary in nature depending on the employer and the student. They can be range from local to international, for-credit or not, paid or unpaid, etc. We encourage you to attend an Internship Orientation for more details and assistance on how to proceed to obtain an internship.

Internship Orientations

The Career Center holds an Internship Orientation the first Thursday of every month during activity period in the Career Center office (Theresa 022). See our Career Center Calendar for the next scheduled orientation. Students can find out more information about how to search for and obtain an internship or details about the Career Center’s Internship Seminar for-credit course. If you are unable to attend an orientation, but would still like information of this nature, please contact the Career Center to make an individual appointment.

Internships & Employer Shadowing: Experiential learning is where academic studies and career development intersect. We help facilitate internship and short-term employer shadowing opportunities, so you'll be better prepared for the professional work world. 

Internships for Credit: The Career Center offers an Internship Seminar, a two, three, or four-credit course every semester. Visit our internships webpage page for more information!

Internship Seminar for Academic Credit

The Career Center gives students the option to earn credit for their internships. The Internship Seminar course, offered every semester to undergraduates, is designed to provide an integrated work experience in a student’s area of interest. Students who wish to take an internship for academic credit must attend an Internship Orientation and/or meet with a career counselor to obtain the correct paper work before registering for the appropriate course. Students registered for an internship course are required to attend classes in a seminar-style format to reflect on their experiences and work on professional development. The frequency of these classes depends on the length of the semester. Internship Seminar classes that meet in the fall and spring semesters typically meet four evenings spaced throughout the semester. All internship students are required to prepare and deliver a presentation at the end of the semester where academic advisors and internship supervisors are welcome to attend.

Credit Levels

The number of credits registered for determines the total number of internship hours a student must acquire throughout the semester. Students can obtain 2, 3, or 4 credits for 60, 90, or 120 hours of internship work, respectively.

Students Seeking Internships

If you are researching available internship positions, the Career Center recommends that you meet with a career counselor. They can be a very rich networking resource. Additionally, students of Notre Dame can register with College Central Network (CCN) to view current employer listings of open internship positions. To do so, visit http://collegecentral.com/ndm/, select Students and follow the directions provided.

Employers Seeking Student Interns

Please visit our Employers page for details on posting an internship/job opportunity, registering for our consortium's career fair and recruiting student interns.