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Department:  English

Position:  Office Assistant - Federal Work Study Only

Location: English Suite - Gibbons 500

Supervisor: S. Margaret Ellen Mahoney, Ph.D.

Supervisor's Email: mmahoney@ndm.edu

Phone #: 410-532-5316

Job Description: The English Department will hire student workers to help departmental faculty with clerical work, including the following: get books/media from the library; make photocopies; perform small typing tasks; update and maintain departmental mailboxes; create supply orders and manage purchasing card reports; hang posters/fliers in the department.  Pay is minimum wage; we will offer 5-10 hours per week. 

Qualifications: Students should be highly responsible, should demonstrate initiative, and should have strong skills with Microsoft Office products. 

Work Days and Hours: TBA--we will work around student's class schedule.

Semesters: Fall, Winterim, and Spring

Pay Rate: $8.25