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Department: Mathematics

Position: Calculus Lab Assistant/Tutor - Federal Work Study Only

Location: Knott Science, K125

Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Sullivan

Supervisor's Email: msullivan@ndm.edu

Phone #: 410-532-5710

Job Description: Available to assist at weekly calculus labs, establish several tutoring times across the week and provide ad hoc tutoring as needed

Must have completed MAT 211 and MAT 212 with a grade of A/B+/B 
Must be willing to guide students in learning (i.e., not just provided answers) 
Must interview with Dr. Margaret Sullivan before being hired

Work Days and Hours: 4-6 hours of scheduled tutoring time each week with times set that are convenient to both the tutor and the student population.  Occasionally provide tutoring at times outside these times as needed.  Availability at lab times (Monday 2-4 p.m. and Tuesday 1:40-3:40 p.m.) is a plus.

Semesters: Fall and Spring

Pay Rate: $7.25-$8.00