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Office of Institutional Advancement

Department or office- Office of Institutional Advancement

Student position title- Phonathon Student Manager- Trainee

Location- Doyle Hall

Supervisor- Annual Giving Coordinator

Supervisor's email- RMann@ndm.edu

Supervisor's phone- 410-532-3197

Job description- Under the supervision of the Annual Giving Coordinator, the student manager is a highly valuable asset to Notre Dame of Maryland University, providing leadership to the Phonathon team. The student callers represent a critical function for the University, acting as the primary outward facing unit interfacing with university alumnae and alumni nationwide on a nightly basis.

Duties include:

•           Ensuring high quality call engagements are executed by the call staff by demonstrating and promoting professionalism and phone courtesy of each caller;

•           Checking call sheets for completeness and accuracy to ensure fast and accurate  processing of pledge commitments

•           Review caller thank you notes for penmanship and accuracy;

•           Emailing donors to remind them of commitments;

•           Tracking pledges made during each shift;

•           Taking attendance and verifying student work-hours;

•           Evaluating student performance;

•           The student manager will also be responsible for morale and motivation of the team, e.g., organizing and tracking incentive programs. 

Qualifications- •         Excellent verbal communication skills, with emphasis on the ability to convey enthusiasm for Notre Dame of Maryland and its initiatives;

•           Effectiveness in leading peers, specifically to achieve an effective and dependable team of student callers;

•           Basic Computer skills, including MS Word and MS Excel;

•           Problem-solving and negotiation skills;

•           Dependability to begin managerial shift promptly at 5:30 pm;

•           Schedule flexibility;

•           Positive and professional attitude with an outgoing phone demeanor;

•           The ability to foster cooperation and achieve team goals in a group setting;

•           Two (2) years of similar experience or a leadership role is preferred

*Promotion from trainee to full-fledged student manager is contingent upon successful completion of a training period under the supervision and direction of the Annual Giving Coordinator. During the trainee period, you will also be trained as a student caller.

Work days and hours- Monday through Thursday, 5:30-9:30pm

Semesters- Fall: Yes

Winterim: ---

Spring: Yes

Summer (direct hire only): ---

Pay rate- 7.75

Number of positions- 2

Campus jobs are limited. Preference will be given to students who have accepted a Federal Work-Study award. In order to benefit from this preference, FWS students must indicate their FWS status above. Acceptance of a FWS award does not guarantee a campus job.

Campus work experience

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