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Department: Art/Photography

Position: Photography Lab Assistant - Federal Work Study Only

Location: Fourier Hall 021

Supervisor: Geoff Delanoy

Supervisor's Email: gdelanoy@ndm.edu

Phone #: 410-532-5582

Job Description: Seeking students who can be personally responsible and who do not need direct supervision in performing tasks for which they will be trained.  

  • General duties involve lab and darkroom procedures; mixing and preparation of chemistry for film development and darkroom processing. 
  • Office and clerical duties such as Xeroxing. 
  • Supervision of darkrooms and studio during assigned shift.

Qualifications: Some photography experience is desirable, but not a requirement. Successful candidates will be trained as necessary.

Work Days and Hours: Two shifts per week, one daytime and one evening (M-F)

Semesters: Fall and Spring

Pay Rate: $7.25