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FWS Student Job Listings and Information

 Filled Federal Work Study Positions for 2014–15

If you have questions related to student employment payroll matters, please contact Jennifer Morrow in Human Resources.

If you have specific questions about Federal Work Study awarding and eligibility, please contact the Federal Work Study Coordinator, Harrison Fowler.

Federal Work-Study Student Job Application

Please complete the application below for any of the available FWS positions listed above.  This application is ONLY for FWS students who did NOT attend the Federal Work-Study Job Fair on Monday, August 25th and have been confirmed as being awarded Federal Work-Study by Financial Aid for the 2014–15 academic year.

Days and Hours of Availability

Please select complete the days of availability below. You will need to list the hours you can work under the listed days. For example, if you are free to work during lunch hours on Monday, you would type "11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m." under Monday. If you aren't available on particular days, please write "unavailable".

Desired FWS Position

Please list up to three preferred Federal Work-Study positions that you are interested in pursuing. While the Career Center cannot guarantee placement based upon availability and supervisor needs, we will do our best to honor requests.