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Department or office- Student Life Information Center (SLIC)

Student position title-


Supervisor- Kayla Toering

Supervisor's email-ktoering@ndm.edu

Supervisor's phone- 4105323174


The SLIC staff operations provide three major functions to the campus community. They are safety and security, service and information.


Section 1.             Residence hall safety and security


The SLIC staff is responsible to assist in maintaining a safe environment for the residence halls.

(a).           Respond to crisis events by calling the appropriate people. (campus security, residence life or student life staff members, etc).

(b).           Be concerned and aware of residents’ personal and public safety.

(c).           Alert appropriate people of suspicious activity.

(d).           Report concerns in a timely manner.

(e).           All SLIC staff members must consistently enforce residence hall entry policy.


Section 2.             Service and information


The SLIC staff member is to provide good customer service and provide information.

(a).           Selling tickets and managing money for various events.

(b).           Giving appropriate information to residents, faculty, staff and visitors.

(c).           Maintaining the guest log.

(d).           Signing in and out loan keys.

(e).           Performing “at desk” projects for Student Life, Campus Activities, Residence Life, and/or Campus Ministry.

(f).            Dispersing student mail.


Section 3.             Reception


(a).           Receiving and transferring phone calls.

(b).           Answering the Student Life Main Office line while the office administrator is away.

(c).           Greeting students, faculty, staff, and visitors.




Candidates must be a full-time, matriculated, and confirmed Notre Dame of Maryland University student.  A student employee must continue to show appropriate academic progress during the term of employment by:


                  1.              Completing and passing at least 12 credit hours per semester

                  2.              Having and maintaining a minimum of 2.5 Cumulative GPA

                  3.              Maintaining a minimum of a 2.5 Semester GPA for any semester




University Standing

Candidates must be in good standing with all offices of the college.  The student employee may not be on current disciplinary probation, have outstanding bills or judicial fines, and must be adhering to any agreed upon payment plan.


Skills and Experience

Candidate must possess the following:

(a).           Strong interpersonal skills

(a).           Leadership experience and potential

(a).           Administrative abilities

(a).           Personal qualities of maturity, self-reliance, motivation, initiative, self-esteem, and integrity

(a).           Demonstrates a commitment to social justice, inclusively, and tolerance