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A Four-Year Career Development Plan

Discover-First Year Career Action Plan

First Year: Discover

Visit the Career Center

Learn more about the many opportunities the Career Center offers, such as resume review, mock interviews and career and internship opportunities.

Create a GATORWORKS profile

GATORWORKS, NDMU's job and internship database, provides real time information on current internships, fellowships, practicums, job opportunities, etc.

Attend a Career Center workshop

During the academic year, the Career Center offers a range of informative workshops and events, such as Twitter chats with a faculty member, Gator Talks and the Career Center's signature event, Career and Internship Fair.

Determine-Sophomore Year Career Action Plan

Sophomore Year: Determine

Access your skills

Meet with a counselor and learn how your values, interest, talents and personality can contribute to your major and collegiate goals. With tools such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Career Center can help leverage your strengths to help you select a major that fits.

Gain professional experience

Learn more about your career field through internships, researching, volunteering and job shadowing. The Career Center provides mock interviews, career preparation workshops, cover letter and resume review.

Attend a panel discussion

GatorTalks, an 18 minute interactive talk, led by NDMU alumni or a leading professional expert. GatorTalks cover an array of topics.

Get involved

With over 50 clubs and organization, NDMU has something for everyone. Can’t find a club you’re interested in? Start your own.

Audit your online persona

Your online footprint is your introduction to most employers. When posting to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.), be mindful of the impression your posting may have on potential employers. Take the time to search yourself online and remove anything that’s negative and/or unprofessional.

Attend the Internship and Networking Fair

Get a firsthand look at a potential career and learn about several companies by attending the fair.

Develop-Junior Year Career Action Plan

Junior Year: Develop

Review your freshman and sophomore year check list

By assess your progress, you can determine what needs improvement and begin planning for life after college.

Meet with your career counselor

Set definitive post-collegiate goals by securing an internship, research opportunity or fellowship.

Make professional connections

Reach out to alumni or connect with other professionals by attending events for professional organizations or panel discussion.

Make the summer count

Make your time worthwhile. Gain experience through an internship, summer employment or research opportunity.

Prepare your post-graduation plan

Are you planning on attend graduation school or work fulltime? Begin evaluating your options and make plans to reach your end goal.

Attend the Career and Internship Fair

Meet with employers and learn about the career and internship opportunities. This is a great way for you to start preparing for post-graduation life.

Define-Senior Year Career Action Plan

Senior Year: Define

Start applying

The application process for jobs and graduate school can be very tedious and time consuming. Get a head start by submit your application early.

Practice your sales pitch

Make an appointment with the Career Center to schedule a mock interview session which will help you create a pitch that is clear, concise and compelling, to share with potential employers.

Cultivate your online brand

Use your online presence to highlight your knowledge, experience and accomplishments. Share links to your projects. Follow companies and leaders in your field of interest to stay abreast of the latest trends.

Leverage your networks

In addition to creating a LinkedIn profile, an essential networking and job search tool, connect with alumni. Developing and expanding your network will assist in landing your dream job and adding professional contacts.

Attend the Career and Internship Fair

If you’ve landed a job or still looking for one, attending the fair is a great way to learn about other professional opportunities or build your network. You never know who you’ll meet!