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Psychiatric Disabilities

The University requests that students submit documentation to determine their eligibility for classroom accommodations. These guidelines are provided to assist the student in obtaining complete and accurate documentation. All documentation is confidential and will be secured in the office of disability support services. 


  1. Documents must include a medical or clinical diagnosis of the psychiatric disabilities based on the DSM-IV criteria and a rationale for diagnosis.
  2. The evaluation must be performed by a licensed mental health professional which could include a psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist, a licensed clinical social worker or a licensed professional counselor. The diagnostician’s name, title, professional credentials and affiliation must be included in these documents.
  3. The documentation should include the following details:
    • Information about the severity of the disability;
    • Information about the specific academic functions affected by the disability or medication (ability to concentrate, ability to attend class regularly, stamina, ability to interact with others, etc.);
    • Recommendations for academic accommodations.
  4. The current status of the disabilities must be reflected in the documents. If the documents do not reflect the current status, then the students may be required to submit updated information and/or documentation.