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Post Office

Notre Dame’s full-service post office provides U.S. Postal Service for mail and United Parcel Service for shipping.

The mailroom sells stamps, books of stamps, aerograms and postcards. A U.S. postal box for stamped mail is located off the Doyle Hall lobby.

Intra-Campus Mailboxes

Each student and member of the faculty and staff is assigned an intra-campus mailbox.

Residents are assigned a federal-locked mailbox each year. Locked mailboxes are behind the reception desk in Doyle Hall and are generally reserved for first-class mail and special intra-campus mail of an official nature, such as paychecks. Commuter mailboxes are identified with a star. Students pick up and sign for incoming packages larger then their assigned locked mailboxes at the mailroom.

Located in Doyle Hall lower level, student mailboxes are used for intra-campus communications and should be emptied daily. Communication placed in these boxes should be signed by an individual or approved by the office of campus activities. These mailboxes may not be used by individuals outside the College community.

Individual pieces of mail may be placed in the intra-campus student mailboxes or in the mail slot marked "Student Mail" at Postal Operations in Gibbons Hall. At approximately 10 a.m., Monday through Friday, mail is transported to Doyle Hall and placed in the boxes.

Bulk mail, including such things as fliers, posters, brochures and pamphlets, should continue to be placed in student mailboxes by the originating office or organization. Postal operations will not distribute mass mailings to student mailboxes.

The office of the assistant academic dean will continue to label the mailboxes each semester. For more information on mailbox assignments, call the office of the assistant academic dean at extension 5823.