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Traffic violation appeal

Students and employees are responsible for knowing and adhering to parking regulations.

All students and employees must register their vehicles with the office of public safety and affix a Notre Dame registration decal. Students planning to park on campus should register their vehicle by the first day of classes for the semester. This includes vehicles owned by a third party (parents, family, etc.) that will be used.

Parking permits may be obtained from public safety in Room 004 of Gibbons Hall during normal business hours, or after hours from the communications switchboard inside the main entrance to Gibbons Hall.

There is no fee to register your vehicle.

Permits must be displayed in the rear window, driver’s side of the vehicle.

Parking permits are not transferable. Displaying a permit issued to another vehicle will result in a fine and/or loss of future parking privileges.

Parking is only permitted in designated spaces defined by white parallel lines.

No vehicles are allowed to park along white painted curbs or on a painted white striped area.

All vehicles must be moved when requested by the office of public safety. The need for reserving parking areas will be announced by voice- and e-mail. When possible, at least a two-day notice of the date, time and event will be announced. Please check your voice- and/or e-mail daily for upcoming events. If you are leaving for a long weekend and your vehicle will be left on campus, the office of public safety recommends that you leave the keys with a trustworthy friend or the office of public safety so that your vehicle may be moved if the need arises.

Students, employees and visitors must comply with all posted signs. It is impractical to mark all areas of college property where parking is prohibited. Parking or operating a vehicle on grass, construction areas, sidewalks, or where it will physically mar the landscaping of the campus, create a safety hazard, interfere with the use of college facilities or hinder the free movement of traffic is prohibited.

The maximum speed limit for all vehicles operated on college property is 15 miles per hour. Vehicles operated in violation of State law, or in any manner that presents a danger to the campus community will be cited and subject to administrative sanctions and/or criminal prosecution.

Reserved parking lots are in effect daily from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise posted. All other areas indicated on the map by (P) are available for general parking.

Handicapped parking spaces are located near the entrances of all buildings and are enforced 24 hours a day. A handicapped license plate or a permit issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration is required to park in these spaces.

The use of an issued handicapped permit or plates by anyone other than the disabled individual is prohibited by State law.

There are designated 30-minute temporary parking spaces located near many buildings. These spaces are for temporary parking only and will be strictly enforced.