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Parking Lots

Reserved parking lots are in effect daily from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise posted. All other areas indicated on the map by (P) are available for general parking.

Handicapped parking spaces are located near the entrances of all buildings and are enforced 24 hours a day. A handicapped license plate or a permit issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration is required to park in these spaces.

The use of an issued handicapped permit or plates by anyone other than the disabled individual is prohibited by State law.

There are designated 30-minute temporary parking spaces located near many buildings. These spaces are for temporary parking only and will be strictly enforced.

Visitor Parking

All visitors’ parking areas must be clear of student and employee vehicles by designated times, as posted on the parking signs.

Please direct your guests to obtain a visitor parking pass from the communications switchboard located in Gibbons Hall. Students and employees are responsible for instructing their guests on the parking rules and regulations.

Campus Parking Map