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Housing Information

Do you want to live on campus?

Students interested in living on campus should complete the housing application and return all documents to the office of residence life. A $200 housing deposit is paid as part of the tuition deposit that is sent by the student to the office of admissions.

Housing assignments are determined over the course of the summer. Assignments are made based on the date that the completed housing application and deposit are received. No assignments are made until all required information is received.

Students will receive a letter with their housing assignment and roommate information so that they may contact their new roommate before the academic year begins.

New Student Housing FAQs

Information for Returning Students

Room renewal

  • Returning students choose rooms for the upcoming academic year during the spring room selection process. Each student who submits their housing deposit to the Business Office by the established date is eligible to participate in the room selection process.
  • Each student will receive a random number based on class standing and the date the housing deposit was received by the Business Office.
  • Official room selection procedures will be placed in each student's mailbox prior to room selection.

Housing over vacation periods

Residence halls close according to a schedule listed in the student handbook for the following periods: Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break and Easter Break. Although the University does not normally provide housing during vacation breaks, the office of residence life realizes that sometimes circumstances make it necessary to provide housing during these periods. Only those students who live in a foreign country, attend class at another institution or participate in intercollegiate sports will be allowed to stay during breaks.

No housing is provided during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Vacation breaks are not included in the regular room and board charges. Students must complete an application for vacation break housing by posted due dates in advance of the halls closing. If approved, students will be billed for housing and meals during vacation break periods.

Residents who are given permission to return early will be charged $40 per night in advance of the official residence halls opening date.

Special needs housing

If you have a medical need for a particular room assignment, you will need to obtain a medical documentation packet from the office of residence life. This packet must be completed by your health care provider to be considered for a medical exception.

All documentation should be submitted to the office of disability and support services before a decision can be made regarding your request for special housing accommodations. Special housing assignments must be approved each year. 

All room rates as well as due dates for residential housing are distributed in the spring semester for the following academic year.  Please make special note of the room rates for each type of room.  All returning students will receive this information via NDMU e-mail in the spring semester. Returning students should pay particular attention to due dates for housing requests.

Updated Policy in Residence Life Handbook:

Lockouts and Lock Charges

If a student is locked out of her room and is borrowing a key, or if her keys have been lost or stolen, CA/Residence life Staff member need to do the following:

  • If a CA receives a lockout phone call, the CA-on-duty must walk to residence room. CA needs to ask student to produce her NDMU ID or an alternate form of identification. If student does not have any ID with her, she will need to show you when she has been keyed into her room.
  • Please reference the student ID with the roster in the CA Duty Binder. Once identity has been verified, student will be keyed into her room by the CA/Residence Life Staff member. Only students who live in a particular space will be keyed into their respective room. Friends or relatives will not be keyed into student rooms.
  • Students must see IT help desk for replacement of all swipes. Residence Life staff will not distribute guest cards (unless there is a prior agreement/exception has been requested).
  • Student incur a charge requiring the services of Residence Life staff to provide an admit. Shown below is the schedule of charges. It applies for the full academic year and to both lock outs where keys and/or a swipe card are loaned and lock outs where Residence Life/Public Safety officers provide an admit.

First Lock Out

No Charge

Second Lock Out


Third Lock Out


Fourth Lock Out


Fifth and All Additional Lockouts


  • Student will receive a letter reminding her of the importance of safety when she is billed. If any student reaches a fifth lockout, she will receive a letter asking her to schedule a non-disciplinary meeting with a Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities to discuss her lockouts.
  • If student’s key has been lost or stolen, please notify public safety as student core will need to be replaced. Also please notify POD and write an incident report.