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NDMU Flyer Posting Policy

The following policy has been designed to allow the proper posting of flyers on Notre Dame of Maryland University property in a consistent manner:


  • All flyers must be approved and stamped at the Doyle SLIC Desk prior to posting.
  • A SLIC Desk attendant will place a “Please Remove By” date stamp on the flyer.
  • “Event flyers” MUST have a title, date, time, location, sponsor, and contact information to be approved. Without this information, “event flyers” will NOT be approved for posting.
  • Sponsoring clubs/organizations, departments, offices, and individuals, must remove publicity within 48 hours after the event. All Notre Dame of Maryland University community members have the right to remove flyers on/after the “Please Remove By” date.
  • Only blue painter’s tape is allowed and MUST be placed neatly on the BACK of flyers. Blue painter’s tape is provided to students at no cost due to the student activity fee. All other community members are required to provide blue painter’s tape at their own cost.
  • If you are interested in posting in the residential communities, flyers must first be approved and stamped at the Doyle SLIC Desk.  Once approved and stamped, please drop flyers off to Allyson Glass in MBK 215 for distribution to residential community members.
  • Do not post over existing flyers.
  • Flyers must not be obscene or defamatory and must not violate University policy or federal, state, or local laws.

Flyers that violate this posting policy will be removed and discarded.

Notre Dame of Maryland University: Doyle Window Reservations

  • If you are interested in reserving either of the Doyle windows, please do so at the Doyle SLIC desk.