Thanks to the Career Center I have a job lined up as soon as I graduate in May 2016. This past spring, I attended an NDMU career fair and met with the Norfolk Police Department. That led to new connections and networking, including a collegial relationship with the Sargent. I applied for an internship, and after a background check, polygraph, drug test and fingerprinting, I became an intern with the department. This gave me a foot in the door for my future. I am allowed to do ride-alongs and experience on-site calls because of my internship. And thanks to the Notre Dame career fair and the Career Center, I now have a spot in the July 2016 Norfolk Police Academy. 

I want to work for a police department because it is going to be the start of my career as a detective and also the start of my career before possibly going into the FBI. I want to help and protect people in my community and make it a better place to live. 

—Tawny Cevora, Class of 2016 
Criminology Major, SAAC Vice President, Softball Team Captain

Brittany Peddicord (Business major '15) was just an absolutely excellent asset for our Development team this year. Interns are frequently afraid to speak up, whether it’s a question about something they don’t understand or a new idea they may have. But Brittany’s most redeeming quality is her level of confidence because she always asked for help when necessary, asked for new assignments when work was completed, brought up thoughtful points to consider, or shared new ideas we would never have thought of. It was very clear that our intern was well prepared to work in our office thanks to Notre Dame. Instead of spending an immense amount of time training or supervising our intern, we were able to jump right in. This allowed Brittany to spend more time working to support the families we serve and hopefully gaining a more enjoyable experience as an intern. For the knowledge and professional development Notre Dame provided, we are forever grateful.

—Clara Heck
Development Associate, The Family Tree
Maryland non-profit that works to prevent child abuse and neglect

I introduced myself and asked questions geared toward internships and volunteer opportunities CareFirst offered. A day or so later I got a phone call and an email offering an interview. I went into this Career Fair hopeful, but I did not expect this to happen. I am so grateful for this interview.

—Mathematics major Christina Walker ’17 
On securing an interview for a marketing internship with CareFirst through an NDMU Career Fair

My career began as an Executive Assistant working for C-level executives. Desiring a more expressive career, I returned to college as a highly motivated adult and recently received my degree in Corporate Communications. Determined to enter the field of marketing/ communications, I contacted Dr. Ammad Sheikh, Director of Notre Dame’s Career Center, for guidance. Each team member from the Career Center took time from their busy schedule to ensure success. The Career Center team helped critique my résumé and discussed internship opportunities.  

Marketing/Communications is a very broad field. I secured a Marketing/Communications internship with a non-profit organization where I will gain valuable hands-on experience and determine the area and type of career to obtain. 

I strongly encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunities NDMU offers. At Notre Dame I received an extraordinary education in an aspiring environment with caring and nurturing people.

Incidentally, I just received an email to interview for a second internship in Media Production with a Marketing/Advertising company located near BWI Airport. Both opportunities sound very promising as I navigate the specific area of marketing I interested in.

—Renee De Vaughn '14
College of Adult Undergraduate Studies

I am very happy to say that I have been contacted by Allied First Bank, which was one of the employers at the Career Fair.  They have asked me to be interviewed for a loan officer position.

—Kimberly Cadle, ’16