1. Review Costs in the 2016-17 Year

This section includes the estimated cost of attendance for all educational expenses, both items that you are billed for (tuition, fees, housing), and items you are not billed for (books, transportation, etc.).

The information is based on the assumption that first year students will reside on campus. Transfer students will be awarded based on the housing plans reported on the FAFSA. If our assumption is incorrect, contact us.

2. Review Grants/Scholarships to Pay for College

  • Grants from Notre Dame of Maryland University: NDMU grants include any scholarships awarded by Admissions as well as FSEOG funds if qualified.
  • Federal Pell Grant: Your eligibility is based upon results of the FAFSA application.
  • Grants from Your State: The Office of Financial Aid estimates the amount you will receive from the state. You will be notified by the state in April if funds have been awarded to you.
  • Other Scholarships: These are reserved for any other awards you notified us that you would receive.

3. Review What Will You Pay for the 2016-17 Year

The Net Cost is the difference between the Costs in the 2016-17 year listed at the top of your financial aid notice and the Grants and Scholarships to pay for college listed on the financial aid notice. 

This is not the amount you will be billed. It is an estimate of what it will cost you to pay your bill and pay for other educational expenses. To determine an estimate of your actual costs after financial aid is applied, use the financial aid calculator.

4. Review Options to Pay Net Costs

  • Work Options – If you are eligible for work study and funding is available, it will be listed in this section. Students must apply for jobs and be hired in order to earn these funds.
  • Loan Options For Students
  • Other Options
    • Family Contribution – This number is generated from your FAFSA application and is used to determine your eligibility for financial aid. The amount may not reflect what you/your family needs to pay to cover your costs.
    • Private/Alternative Education Loan
    • Military and/or National Service Benefits
    • Parent PLUS loan
    • Payment Plan Offered by the Institution

5. Review Graduation Rate, Loan Default Rate, and Median Borrowing Metrics

These metrics are provided for comparison purposes when reviewing award notices from other schools.

Important Notes

  1. If you receive a scholarship or other educationally related financial assistance from any source other than that which is indicated on your award letter, you must send our office a copy of the notice. We will then notify you of any impact on your financial aid package.
  2. Sign an Authorization to Release Information Form to give permission for the Office of Financial Aid to speak with parents or anyone other than the student.
  3. Submit the Electronic Consent Form to the Office of Financial Aid to have access to WebAdvisor and email notifications.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar and comply with the financial aid policies.
  5. The information provided here is accurate as of the time it was sent to you and is subject to change due to possible changes to federal or state laws.

For financial aid questions, call 410-532-5369 or email finaid@ndm.edu.