Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are real obligations, though they are different than traditional fixed payment installment loans.

They do not have a fixed principal amount or an interest rate. Rather, students commit to paying a fixed percentage of their income after graduation. There is no guaranteed amount of money that a student will pay monthly or total during the life of an ISA, as this will vary with earned income.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of an ISA?

ISAs have a fixed income percentage, which means that you will pay less in months when you earn less and more in months when you earn more. This means that you could pay more or less than your funding amount, and more or less than you would with a loan if you enter into an ISA.

Will an ISA affect my financial aid?

No. ISAs are generally available up to the full cost of attendance of your program, subject to maximums put in place by each ISA provider.

Will my ISA funding be paid directly to me?

No. Your ISA funding will be paid to NDMU directly by your ISA provider on your behalf.

Are there any eligibility requirements?

Each provider will have different requirements to be eligible for an ISA. Many providers will consider your degree program, the portion of your degree already completed, your citizenship, and your GPA or academic progress.

You should review the specific eligibility requirements for your ISA provider should you choose to apply for an ISA.

ISA Providers

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