Vice President of the SNPhA

Kofi Andoh

Student, NDMU Class of 2021

Doctor of Pharmacy

Congratulations to P4 pharmacy student Kofi Andoh on his election to the Student National Pharmaceutical Association's executive board. Kofi will serve as the organization's 2020-2021 Vice President.

A Prestigious Fellowship

Jolisse Gray

Student, NDMU Class of 2023

International Studies, Political Science

Jolisse is the first-ever NDMU recipient of the Newman Civic Fellowship. She is a passionate student leader invested in advancing the voices and stories of those of Latin American descent. “My on-campus participation at NDMU has led to opportunities to speak about issues and policies around the world with official ambassadors and consulates," said Jolisse. "Through the Newman Civic Fellowship, I seek the tools to further develop my global advocacy work for Latin America and continue my service to this community whom I call family.”

Self Discovery through Art

Maria Blaszkiw

Student, NDMU Class of 2020

Art Therapy (BA)

My art is a visual reflection of my journey at NDMU. As I look through each piece I am transported to a moment, feeling, or experience. Art Therapy has reawakened the love I have for playing with materials and creating new things. It has taught me that art is a process that reflects self discovery. My art has never felt complete. I now understand that it was not meant to because my journey is not complete. As I continue to grow my art will continue to change.

Misako’s Journey

Misako Fukushima

Misako believes it is really important to learn English to communicate with the world. “I think the ELI represents diversity, tolerance, and heart-warming to me,” she said. Now, her future goal is to become a professor. The ELI congratulates Misako on all of her success, and sends warm wishes for all of her future endeavors.

Attending Her Dream Graduate School

Caroline O’Donnell

Alum, NDMU Class of 2019


At NDMU, I joined a community of incredibly strong and kind women. We were encouraged to "trust and dare," and so we did—I would not be attending my dream graduate school without the guidance of wonderful mentors, and the network of terrific friends and future leaders that I met at NDMU.

The Right Combination

Cassidy Toulan

Alum, NDMU Class of 2017

Art, Digital Media Arts

Cassidy is a perfect example of aligning your education to your interests and goals. She studied Art at NDMU with an emphasis in Photography and also earned a minor in Digital Media Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. The result was a very well-rounded education with marketable skills. Cassidy currently works as a Graphic Designer and Photographer at iHeartMedia in Baltimore, MD. She also runs an independent photography business specializing in portraiture, Cassidy Toulan Photography.

Regained My Confidence

Franck Yvan Sy

English Language Institute, NDMU Class of 2017

“ELI instructors encouraged me to use my knowledge, taught me how to speak and how to write in English. Eventually, I regained my confidence which helped me take the next steps in my life, all thanks to my instructors.” What's Next for Franck: BA in Psychology at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

A Wonderful First Experience in the USA

Jingqiong Cui

English Language Institute, NDMU Class of 2015

"I was able to make a lot of unforgettable international friends here in the end and I got a lot of energy from the peacefulness of this environment to keep on studying English.”
June finished a graduate program in Education at Towson University recently and is looking for a job in the USA.

My First American Home

David Pembamoto

English Language Institute, NDMU Class of 2015

“I truly believe that the ELI provides many tools and surroundings that will help you improve your English skills. So, just come and have fun! You will feel that this is your home.” What’s Next for David: Transfer to Morgan State University from CCBC to study Engineering

A Friendly Environment to Learn English

Otily Mispaline Toutsop

English Language Institute, NDMU Class of 2017

Taking classes at the ELI helped me improve my English skills and gave me confidence to take the next step in my academic career. I am currently a PhD candidate in Cyber Security at Morgan State University. I really appreciate the happy environment the ELI offered, where I studied with encouraging and knowledgeable teachers who never tired of answering our questions at any time. I’d like to encourage other international students looking to improve their English skills to join the wonderful global community at the ELI.