The Academy of Catholic Educators (ACES) supports academic excellence for all students through quality, research-based instructional coaching for teachers and administrators. Coaching transforms how teachers learn which leads to better teaching, helps with teacher retention, and creates a positive work environment.

Instructional coaching is one-to-one or one to small group, “tell-me-what-you-need,” personalized learning that impacts instruction. Coaching promotes a culture of collaboration where trust is built through a sense of community. Coaches support teachers with planning, instruction, assessment and community building.

The ACES Instructional Coaching Program is:

  • Non-evaluative
  • Personalized
  • Promotes active learning
  • Offers sustained support
  • Maintains content flexibility

Professional Learning

When working with teachers the ACES coaches focus on students, teaching practices, accountability, teacher choice, expertise, and respecting professionalism. To make learning visible, coaches work with teachers to diagnose, implement interventions and evaluate the impact.

Coaching Areas

  • All Content Disciplines
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • STEM
  • Research-Based Instructional Strategies
  • Integration of Technology
  • Using Data to Make Instructional Decisions

NDMU School of Education: A Leader in Teacher Training

Notre Dame has a long and proud history of mutually beneficial partnerships with Catholic private and public schools, providing outstanding professional development that offers teachers relevant and practical applications in and outside the classroom.

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Director of ACES

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Assistant Director, ACES