Our Mission

Transforming Our World by Promoting Flourishing in Teacher Education, Research, and Policy

The Teacher Education for Flourishing Collaborative at Notre Dame of Maryland University brings together researchers, administrators, practitioners, and thought-leaders to promote flourishing in teacher education. We believe that focusing on flourishing within teacher preparation and training programs is the first step towards a much-needed paradigm shift in education.

By providing professional development and resources to schools, the TEFC offers opportunities for teachers and their students to flourish.

The TEFC works in partnership with the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard and the Consortium for Human Flourishing at Saint Louis University to bring about comprehensive change to the wellbeing of school communities around the world.

The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University The Consortium for Human Flourishing at Saint Louis University

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Social-Emotional Learning & Flourishing

The Social-Emotional Learning and Flourishing certificate at NDMU provides training for the next generation of educators. Through courses in social-emotional learning, trauma-informed practices, positive behavior supports, and culturally responsive teaching, you will be prepared to create a learning environment that enhances the social and emotional wellbeing of your students. More Information

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Daily Breathing Sessions

Dr. Amrita Chaturvedi from the Consortium for Human Flourishing at Saint Louis University is offering breathing sessions every Monday-Friday at 10AM EST. Contact Amrita.chaturvedi@slu.edu for more information. 

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Flourishing Network

This group, hosted by the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard, meets every month to discuss best practices and approaches to assessing and promoting flourishing in a wide variety of settings. For information on joining the community as a guest or member, please contact Dr. Matthew Lee at matthew_lee@fas.harvard.edu.

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About the Collaborative

The Teacher Education for Flourishing Collaborative is a network NDMU faculty and staff, professional development schools (PDS), and external partners from around the world who are interested in promoting flourishing in education.

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Learn More

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in collaboration or if have any questions about the collaborative. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Schedule professional development for your school or classroom.
Use the standards to promote flourishing within curriculum content, process, and product.
Use the measures to move towards individual and school flourishing.