The School of Education seeks, above all, to instill in our students a desire to be proactive leaders and decision-makers and to view teaching as a vocation.

It has been a wonderful experience to study at Notre Dame and complete my internship at the Harford County Public Schools. The teachers and administrators at each institution genuinely cared about the program and the participants. I particularly wish to thank … [advisors] Paula Simon and Russ Holmes, as well as [School of Education Dean] Sister Sharon Slear, SSND. They each took an active interest in my graduate school education and played a significant role in my success in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. 

Danielle Post Lopinski, Class of 2016, M.A. in Leadership in Teaching 

Notre Dame prepared me to be a well-rounded leader both in the classroom and in the community. I developed a true sense of professionalism while learning at Notre Dame that enables me to back up my views and educational opinions with concrete facts. I learned how to value all types of cultures and differences, which changed my approach when dealing with parents and administrators. Furthermore, Notre Dame provided me with a solid foundation in leadership theories, which is essential when dealing with different types of situations and people.

Christian Slattery Sr. M’12

I chose the MAT/GEI program at Notre Dame of Maryland University because there's no program like it. This program gives future teachers the opportunity to earn their MAT within 10 months, which includes 9 months of in-classroom experience. The condensed time of the program and amount of classroom experience really set this program apart from others. Moreover, the turnaround rate in which these students become teachers is phenomenal. The MAT/GEI program progress is an experience in itself, and you have an entire cohort to share that experience with.

Valerie Nowlan, Class of 2015, Fast-Track Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT/GEI)

I have been hired by Baltimore County Public Schools as an Elementary classroom teacher. Thank you so much for all of your help and placing me at Johnnycake for my internship. It was a fantastic school and a great learning experience. I started this school year feeling prepared and knowledgeable about what was ahead. I intend on finishing my Master's degree at Notre Dame as well. Thank you again.

Charlotte Ricks, Class of 2015, M.A. in Leadership in Teaching 

The 10-month program was very appealing for me because I could not wait to become a teacher. As part of a cohort, I have met many wonderful people who have the same interests as me, wanting to make a difference in the lives of children. We have all become very close over the past several months. I have loved being in the MAT/GEI program at NDMU. It is one of the best decisions I have made.

Brittany Foy, Class of 2015, Fast-Track Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT/GEI)