Applicants, who decide to cancel an interview, must do so one business day prior to the scheduled interview. Business days are considered Monday through Friday.

Cancellation notice must be reported by 12:00PM EST on the business day prior to the interview to:

Director of Admissions, Mr. Larry Shattuck  

Late Cancellation & No Show

Due to the professional nature of pharmacy program interviews, the following policy will be enforced when an applicant cancels an interview after one business day (late cancellation), or fails to show up for a previously scheduled interview (no-show):

  • Any late cancellation or no-show will have a note in the PharmCAS system, viewable by all pharmacy degree programs that an applicant have or will apply to, saying “Unprofessional behavior – Interview No-Show”
  • Please note that emergency situations are exempt from this policy; however, an applicant still must notify the Director of Admissions, Mr. Larry Shattuck if the interview must be cancelled.