Is your class schedule preventing you from eating dinner in the Dining Hall for a meal or two this week? Fill out the below meal request form! This will enable you to use your meal plan and pick up a to-go meal to eat at your convenience.

By ordering ahead of time, you can coordinate a pick up with the SAGE team directly. They will inform you of the location where to pick up your meal. If you need to pick up your meal during a time when the dining hall is not typically open, you will be able to from the SAGE office directly, 1st floor of Doyle Hall. Breakfast pick up can be as early as 7 AM and dinner pick up can be as late as 7 PM.

Items of note:

  • This option is only available to University students with a meal plan or those who have purchased a block plan.
  • To ensure that you receive the items you have requested, this form must be received by a Dining Service Manager at least two (2) business days prior to the date of pick up.

Request for

Request for Breakfast

Breakfast Box Includes:

muffin, yogurt, whole fruit and granola bar

Request for Lunch
Lunch Selections:
Request for Dinner
Dinner Selections:

Completed forms are to be returned to SAGE Dining Services at
For questions, the Dining Service team can be reached at 410-532-5727.
Please note* – if you do NOT pick up the meal you have requested, you will lose those meal points and they cannot be redeemed at a later time.