The NDMU Office of Conference and Auxiliary Services is pleased to offer Gator Swim School! Our mission is to help young swimmers build upon their skill sets and be confident in and around the water. Let’s swim together!

We will be offering swim instruction to swimmers of various levels – focusing on ages 5-11 – from first time swimmers to those with a stronger foundation and advanced skills.

Swim Instruction Levels

  • Level 1 – Water Exploration for first time swimmer to become comfortable in the water. Learn to float, kick, and submerge in the water.
  • Level 2 – Primary Skills. Learn to hold your breath, safely enter and exit pool, movement in the water, and retrieve objects
  • Level 3 – Stroke Readiness. Learn safe diving rules, treading water, begin learning different strokes and safe jumping into deep water.
  • Level 4 – Deep Water Bobbing. Learn new strokes (breaststroke, backstroke) and safe turning. Treading water for 2 minutes.
  • Lever 5 – Alternate Breathing. Continue stroke development and breathing techniques.
  • Level 6/7 – Longer stroke duration. Breathing skills. Turning skills. Treading water for 3 minutes with no hands.


Swimmers enrolled in Gator Swim School should complete 10 lessons in each level before advancing to the next level. We will be offering two sessions, 10 lessons each, in Spring of 2021. Depending on the level, swimmers will have either Saturday or Sunday lessons, with each lesson lasting 45 minutes long.

Lessons will be 45 minutes long.

Saturday Lesson Time Slots   Sunday Lesson Time Slots
9am - 9:45am Level 1   9am - 9:45am Level 3
10am - 10:45am Level 2   10am - 10:45am Level 4
      11am - 11:45am Level 5
      12pm - 12:45pm Level 6
      1pm - 1:45pm Level 7

*level offerings subject to change based on registrations

At this time, we are currently accepting 5 swimmers per level, per session; however we will have a wait list for each level and may be able to offer additional classes.

For more information on Swim Levels, check our Gator Swim School Level Descriptions (PDF)

COVID19 Updates

  • All lifeguards and anyone on the pool deck has to wear masks at all times, except when in the pool.
  • All attendees have to complete the NDMU Symptom Checker 24 hours prior to coming to campus for their swim lessons; Gator Swim School staff have to follow the same process
  • At this time, families of swimmers are NOT permitted to be on the deck during swim lessons; one parent or guardian may observe the lesson from the balcony level above the pool. Observers must wear masks at all times and maintain social distance.

Our Staff

Gator Swim School is staffed by experienced certified lifeguards and instructors to provide the best possible experience for your swimmer. They will be teaching from our own Gator Swim program to help swimmers advance their skills, and become confident in the water.

​Gator Swim School Session Dates & Fees

Session Dates Fees Full Payment Due
Session 1: January 9 – March 14 (Canceled Due to Baltimore City COVID-19 Restrictions*) $300/swimmer January 8, 2021
Session 2: March 20 – May 22 $300/swimmer March 19, 2021

Swim Level testing will take place on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the session start date.

*We are still accepting registrations for Session 2. Families that signed up for Session 1 have been contacted about moving to Session 2. 

How to Register

Instructions on How to Register

  • Click on the “Registration” button
  • Fill in each field; if you are registering two swimmers you have the option to register both on the same registration form. If you are registering more than two, you will have to submit more than one registration form.
  • Read & sign off on waivers at the end of the registration
  • Submit registration form (You will be redirected to payment upon finishing the registration form)
  • Download required PDF forms from the Gator Swim School home page and email or mail in completed forms

Instructions on Payment

  • Click on the “Make a Payment” button
  • Select which swim session you are enrolling your swimmer for
  • If you are enrolling more than one for those same sessions, simply change the quantity
  • You can pay by e-check/ACH or credit card.
  • You can also mail a check made out to Notre Dame of Maryland University ATTN: Gator Swim School

Registration         Make a Payment 

FAQ for Gator Swim School
  • How do I know what level to sign my child up for?
    • We will be offering 2 testing days: Wed. 1/6th and Thursday 1/7th for kids to come and complete a water test, so we can assess what level they need to start at.
  • When will Spring swim lessons start?
    • Spring Session 1 lessons begin the weekend of Saturday, January 9th. Spring Session 2 lessons begin the weekend of Saturday, March 20th
  • What if my child picks up the swim skills of their current level quickly, are they able to ‘level up’ to another level mid-session?
    • If the swim class for the next level up has open slots, your child can test into the next level mid-session, as long as there is a minimum of 5 classes left in that session. All swimmers have to complete a minimum of 5 classes at each level in order to advance into the next level.
  • If my child completes 5 classes at the level I sign them up for, and meets requirements for the next level but there is no open slots during the current session, can I be refunded the remaining classes for that session?
    • No, we will not be offering any refunds after the start of the second class of each session. Families are encouraged to have their children complete all 10 classes at each level in order to build water confidence as well as foster new friendships.
  • What COVID-19 precautions is the Gator Swim School taking to keep my child safe during swim lessons?
    • You can refer to the COVID-19 update on the Gator Swim School homepage to learn more about precautions our staff has in place.