Certificate of Advanced Study in Education


The Certificate of Advanced Study in Education (CASE) is a 30-credit program for experienced educators who have completed a master’s degree. Through a curriculum designed to integrate theory and practice, educators acquire or enhance skills in leadership, curriculum and pedagogy to meet the needs of future educational leadership.

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Program Locations

Choose an Area of Special Interest

  • Reading
  • Administration and Supervision
  • Special Education
  • Global and Multicultural Education
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Historical, Philosophical, and Psychological Perspectives
  • Management
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations

Additional Study Options

The program of study can also be modified to obtain certifications in the following areas:



This program consists of six 600-level courses and four electives. Electives may be taken in your area of special interest. You must maintain a B average to earn a CASE certificate.

Required Courses

Select six of the following 600-level courses:

EDU 622 - Education and Policy Analysis for Changing Schools (3)
EDU 624 - Dialects in American Schools (3)
EDU 647 - Learning, Language and the Brain (3)
EDU 660 - Legislative and Legal Decisions Affecting Changing School Populations (3)
EDU 672 - Changing School Population in Historical Perspective (3)
EDU 674 - Global and International Perspectives in Education (3)
EDU 675 - Democracy and Education: Philosophical Perspectives (3)
EDU 676 - Educational Applications of Multimedia (3)  OR
EDU 665 - Digital Game Based Learning and Design (3)
EDU 697 - Language and Intercultural Communication for Changing Populations (3)
EDU 698 - Linguistic and Cultural Diversity (3)

Total Credits: 18

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