NDMU’s vision for institutional diversity is to build an exemplary educational community.

This community will be characterized by:

  • an intellectual environment that is both challenging and nurturing;
  • encouragement and support for curriculum and pedagogy dedicated to diversity issues;
  • a commitment to social justice and equality;
  • a respect for human diversity;
  • and a genuine appreciation of how the many commonalities and differences among us enriches our institutional mission.


The purpose of the Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council is to facilitate the vision for diversity at Notre Dame by:

  • clearly defining and publicizing our commitment to diversity;
  • creating and sustaining a campus climate that appreciates diversity;
  • achieving greater recognition and representation of ability, cultural, ethnic, gender, racial, sexual identity and social class diversity among all aspects of the campus- executive, administrative, managerial, faculty, staff and students;
  • engaging students and being responsive to students needs and concerns;
  • increasing and supporting sustained opportunities for academic research, scholarship and student learning from a diversity, equity or multicultural perspective;
  • ensuring accountability and use of data for achieving diversity objectives; and engaging all constituents of the Notre Dame Community in the promotion and modeling of collaboration that is necessary in creating a campus environment that values diversity, inclusion and equity.


  • Identify programs that can have the greatest impact on campus diversity and recommend how resources might be utilized and coordinated to achieve campus diversity goals.
  • Identify barriers to achieving and managing greater diversity at Notre Dame and make recommendations on how those obstacles can be mitigated or eliminated.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of diversity-related issues and ideas and promote a campus dialogue about diversity.
  • Provide advisement to the University on ways to utilize the creativity, innovation and ideas of the community on matters of diversity.