Hiring Manager Process:

  1. VPFA will send out final FY21 student worker budget to all VPs, July 31, 2020.
  2. The VPs will inform their hiring managers about the availability of student work budgets
  3. Hiring Managers will need to take Supervisor Training in Brightspace in order to post for and hire student workers – No Exceptions. 
  4. Hiring Managers will need to provide job descriptions/announcement to HR that we can put into Paycom. Hiring Managers will need to indicate if it is FWS funded or Ops funded if they have both available. Once those are turned in, HR can post jobs.
  5. HR posts jobs in Paycom and puts job links on Gator Hub
    1. All student job postings should include Federal Work Study (FWS) reference.
    2. Post jobs as “Student Assistant, Biology FWS”. Student eligibility for utilization will be limited to Federal Work Study eligible students only
    3. For job listed as FWS, use-qualifying question of “Have you received a Financial Aid Award Notification confirming your eligibility for the Federal Work Study Program?”; if they answer “No” then they will not be able to be considered for that job.
  6. Hiring Managers can interview students and will notify HR of whom they wish to hire.
  7. Students selected for jobs will get email that includes position, rate and start date along with student employment guidelines, pay schedule and info on using Paycom to submit their hours, and they will complete new hire paperwork – the beginning of their onboarding process.
  8. On their first day of employment (or before) students will need to come to HR to present their IDs for the I-9 and e-Verify.
  9. The Hiring Managers will continue the onboarding on the student’s first day to include going over job responsibilities, expectations, schedule, additional trainings needed, etc.