Health Services Provider Partnership

Full-time Notre Dame students are able to obtain health services at MedStar PromptCare facility in Towson, MD on York Road during the academic year (August (start of classes) through May (graduation day)).

Through this collaboration with MedStar PromptCare, NDMU is better able to meet the needs of our full-time students as defined by the University's Registrar's Office.  


Please visit the MedStar website for more information regarding specific services offered at the Towson York Road site, as well as physician schedules.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive services at MedStar PromptCare on York Road?

All full-time Notre Dame of Maryland University students are eligible. Full-time is defined as:

  • At least 12 credits per semester for Women's College and College of Adult Undergraduate Studies (CAUS) students;
  • At least 10 credits per semester for School of Pharmacy students; and
  •  At least 9 credits for Graduate Studies students.

Any part-time NDMU students may still utilize Patient First services; however, transportation will not be provided to and from the designated location.

When should I go to MedStar PromptCare?

You can just walk in to any MedStar PromptCare center without an appointment and see a physician. In most cases, your care can be handled in a single visit.

MedStar bridges the gap between the emergency department and your primary care physician. They routinely care for 60% of diagnoses seen in the emergency department, but with a shorter wait time and at a fraction of the cost. They also care for routine primary care office visit diagnoses.

At your request, they will forward a copy of your visit record to your primary care physician. Their physicians and staff are available from 8 in the morning to 8 at night, Monday-Friday, and Saturday-Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for walk-in care.

MedStar physicians and staff treat a variety of conditions that include:

  • Illness care (flu, allergies, bronchitis, infections, pneumonia, strep throat, pink eye, sinus infection treatment, cold symptom treatment, UTI treatment (urinary tract infection), yeast infection treatment, and more)
  • Injury care (stitches, concussion evaluations, sprains, lacerations, broken bones, burn treatment and more)
  • Sports physicals

What services and costs associated with a visit to MedStar?

Full-time NDMU students are required to provide their current health insurance and pay any related co-payments at time of service.  No appointments are necessary to receive services. It is also the student's responsiblity to cover any additional referral visits.

NDMU Student Costs

  • Co-pays (defined by the student's current insurance coverage)
  • Prescriptions--While MedStar conveniently provides available prescriptions at time of service, the payment of prescriptions is the student's responsibility, not the University's.  It is strongly suggested the copies of your current health insurance as well as a credit/debit card and/or cash be brought with you at time of service.
  • Laboratory fees beyond MedStar's on-site capabilities
  • Immunizations including flu
  • Medical referrals and consultations
  • Dental care
  • Emergency room visits or other services provided by or out of the MedStar PromptCare facility.

Patient First Provided Services

  • Walk-in urgent care for routine injuries and illnesses
  • Primary care for patients without a regular physician
  • No appointment needed
  • On-site x-rays
  • On-site lab testing
  • On-site prescription drugs
  • Occupational Health

Can I go to any MedStar to receive service?

While you are more than welcome to visit any of the MedStar PromptCare locations, Notre Dame of Maryland University's transportation agreement is only with the MedStar PromptCare facility on York Road in Towson, MD, which is the closest location to the University. 

Full-time Notre Dame students are able to acquire transportation (if desired) to and from the University's campus to this designated location only.

What are MedStar PromptCare on York Road hours?

MedStar PromptCare at York Road is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, allowing health services to be more readily available to our full-time students.

Where is MedStar PromptCare located?

MedStar PromptCare is located 2.1 miles from Notre Dame of Maryland University at:

6317 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212

How am I supposed to get to MedStar PromptCare?

Recognizing that MedStar PromptCare is about 2 miles from our institution, the University has partnered with Lyft service and will cover only any metered rates to and from MedStar PromptCare on York Road in Towson to and from the University for full-time NDMU students.

Students are permitted to drive to MedStar PromptCare should they desire; however, the University will not reimburse any travel expenses. 

Full-time students seeking health services should go to the Student Life Information Center (SLIC) Desk in either Doyle Hall Lobby or Meletia Hall Lobby and ask that transportation be arranged to take them to the MedStar location. You will also be provided number to call in order to receive transportation back to campus.

What should I bring with me when I go to be seen?

All students should bring:

  • Current Health Insurance Card (Required and necessary to receive medical services)
  • Credit/Debit card or cash for any co-payment or additional medical services

Do I need to pay for my visit?

Yes, students must present their insurance card at time of service and submit payment for any co-pay fees designated through their designated insurance plans, prescriptions, or services acquired at MedStar PromptCare.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, such as processes for transportation, please contact: 

Office of Accessibility and Health Promotion