The Notre Dame Advantage

Our low faculty-to-student ratio means that our students work closely, often side-by-side, with their professors. The result is that they carry out significant research projects and publish their work, even as undergraduates.

Student Research, Awards & Recognition

School of Arts, Sciences & Business

  • Victoria Meadows, Class of 2015, won the top prize for her poster presentation at the Morgan State University 21st Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium held in April 2014. She presented work performed in Dr. Ken Sossa's lab on a project that explores insect behavior and experience-induced changes in neuronal activity.
  • Four Morrissy honors students and Morrissy Director Dr. Jeana DelRosso attended the Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference in Niagara Falls in April 2014. This year’s conference theme was “Standing on the Edge: Challenging Boundaries and Power.” All four Morrissy students presented original research. 
    • Queenstar Akrong ’14 presented a paper entitled “A Sisterhood of Survival: Militarized Rape in the Rwandan Genocide and the Congo Conflict.” 
    • Jenny Ashwell, Class of 2015, presented a paper on “Addressing the Negative Aspects of Economic Globalization.” 
    • Jillian Childs  ’14 presented on “The Captivity Narrative as an Analysis in Gender and Religion.” 
    • Samantha Dameron, Class of 2015, presented a paper entitled “The Efficacy of Ancient Approaches to Social Change.” 
  • As a participant in Notre Dame's Sr. Alma Science Year program, Brittany Dunkerly, Class of 2015, is spending her summer (and the rest of the academic year) at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. Through the program, Brittany will continue in the cardiac pathology lab of Charles Steenbergen, M.D., Ph.D., where she has conducted research for two years. Her work contributed to the article "miR-181c Regulates the Mitochondrial Genome, Bioenergetics, and Propensity for Heart Failure In Vivo," published in the May 2014 issue of the scientific journal PLOS One. After graduation, Brittany plans to pursue a Ph.D. in pathobiology or cellular and molecular medicine.
  • Denise Mason ‘12 was the winner of the 2014 Albert Clark Award for the best undergraduate paper in this year's competition sponsored by Theta Alpha Kappa. Her essay, "The Power of Redemption: A Comparison of the Book of Ruth to A Raisin in the Sun," was considered the best from among 37 other papers entered at the undergraduate level. A panel of three judges, who all teach at institutions with TAK chapters, made the decision. In addition to winning a check for $500 and an award of $100 for the NDMU chapter of TAK, Denise will see her paper published in the fall 2015 issue of the Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa. Denise is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Contemporary Communication program at NDMU.
  • Brandy Garzel ’11, a biology major and former Sister Alma McNicholas Woman Scientist,  is in the Ph.D. program at University of Maryland's School of Pharmacy. She published "The Role of Bile Salt Export Pump Gene Repression in Drug-Induced Chloestatic Liver Toxicity" in the March 2014 issue of Drug Metabolism and Disposition and "Metformin Represses Drug-Induced Expression of CYP2B6 by Modulating the Constitutive Androstane Receptor Signaling" in the February 2014 issue of Molecular Pharmacology.

School of Education

  • Amanda Pare Court presented a poster session titled “The Effect of a Holistic Wellness Program on Workplace Productivity in a Government Environment “at the 2014 meeting of the American Educational Research Association.
  • Josie Zayac presented a paper titled “The Impact of Elementary Gifted Mathematics Programming: Moving Into Middle School“ at the 2014 meeting of the American Educational Research Association.
  • Arlene Harrison presented a paper titled “An Investigation of a Multidimensional Concept of Social Support Predicting African American/Hispanic Students’ Mathematics Achievement” at the 2014 meeting of the American Educational Research Association. 

School of Pharmacy

  • Wei-Bin Shen, Celine Plachez, Amanda Chan, et al. Human neural progenitor cells retain viability, phenotype, proliferation, and lineage differentiation when labeled with a novel iron oxide nanoparticle, Molday ION Rhodamine B. November 2013 Volume 2013:8(1) Pages 4593 – 4600 DOI:
  • Katie Dantoni and Conner Sothoron, Serving the Home Hospice Population (poster presentation).  American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting. December 9, 2013
  • Brandon Nuziale, Implementing Standardized Anticoagulation Management Utilizing Fourth-Year Pharmacy Students in a Family Medicine Clinic (poster presentation). American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting. December 9, 2013
  • Stefan Varga and Ahmed Eid, Comparison of the cardiac adverse effects profile of dexmedetomidine, benzodiazepines, and propofol in non- surgical cardiac intensive care unit patients: A retrospective study (poster presentation). American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting. December 9, 2013
  • Andy Liu, Wyatt Gold and Alice Chong, A Shot at Health: Serving an Underserved Senior Population of Baltimore (poster presentation). American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting. December 9, 2013
  • Wyatt Gold (P-4) and Stephanie Zamora-Zizelman  winners of the School of Pharmacy Clinical Skills Competition represented the School at the national competition during the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting on December 8, 2013. This student team competed against over 100 school teams.
  • Stefan Varga completed a summer research internship at UMB’s Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research. His research was focused on the health disparities in hospitalization discharges and emergency department visits in African-Americans vs Non-Hispanic Whites in the state of Maryland.