Service and community engagement has been a cherished value of Notre Dame of Maryland University since its foundation. The SSND Founders’ vision promoted the ultimate dignity of each person, the essential solidarity of all and responsible stewardship for all that is entrusted to us.

At NDMU, we have developed a unique definition for service so that we may uphold the mission of our University and our SSND founders all while serving our community with intention and care.

Service at NDMU

Service is an integral part of our educational experience. We believe that service transforms all involved – those who serve as well as those served.

  • Each of us plays an active role in the transformation of the world. Our community of faculty, staff, and students actively and intentionally commit ourselves to service.
  • Service connects us to life, to persons, to our communities and to the environment, toward the mutual transformation of all involved.
  • Service involves a process of immersion in the lived reality of others, personal reflection on our experience and on the human condition of our time and action for the greater good.
  • Within the framework of the vision of our founders and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, our cherished goal for a successful NDMU education is a “sending forth” of our students, prepared to transform the world through a life committed to service.

Service Programs & Resources

NDMU students getting in touch with SSND roots at a Villa Assumpta Bingo Night

Connect with Us

For questions, suggestions, or general information, please reach out to the Office of Service and Community Engagement at