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August 2016

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WOW Registration Is Open!

The Registration for WOW Baltimore is now open!WOW Baltimore logo

WOW Baltimore is part of a global movement of festivals that celebrate the achievements of women and girls, and also looks at the remaining gender equality obstacles women face across the globe.

Here are just a few of the speakers that will be taking part:

  • Sara Laschever – author of “Ask for It” and “Women Don’t Ask”
  • Jaha Dukureh, one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People
  • Rebecca Nagle – Force/The Monument Quilt

WOW Baltimore will also include speed mentoring, pop-up performances, art exhibits, etc.!

To learn more, visit the WOW Baltimore Website.WOW Baltimore women

Volunteer at WOW Baltimore!

WOW Baltimore is seeking volunteers for both days of the festival to help in a variety of areas, including parking management, registrations, and guest assistance. We are also seeking volunteers to serve as mentors for the popular WOW Speed Mentoring Sessions, which will take place during both days of the festival. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Lauren Rohrs at lrohrs1@ndm.edu or 410-532-3166.

LND LibraryStaying Legal While Incorporating Resources Into Your Course

Do you have questions about copyright or wonder if what you’re doing with your course materials is legal?

Join librarians after the University Assembly on August 19th to learn how to make sure you are staying in compliance with copyright law when adding materials to your courses. You will learn about copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons, as well as how you can easily incorporate library resources, including scholarly articles and educational films, into Joule using the Curriculum Builder tool and stable URLs.

Hope to see you there! Specific time and location details will be available soon.

Volunteer Ambassadors Needed for International Students

OIP pictureThe Office of International Programs (OIP) needs your help. It is seeking faculty and staff members to serve as ambassadors to our Fall 2016 incoming international students.  These students will be enrolled in our Women’s College, graduate programs, and English Language Institute.

Serving as an ambassador would be a wonderful opportunity to help an international student, who is far from home and family, transition to life at NDMU. This will give you and your family the opportunity to learn about a new culture, share your own culture, expand your global perspective, and support NDMU's mission to build inclusive communities. Through this informal program, you and an international student could meet for coffee, attend a campus event, or explore Baltimore. There is no minimum time requirement.

Please contact Ogonna Owu, OIP Program Assistant, by email (oowu@ndm.edu) or phone (410-532-3425) by Friday, August 5, 2016 if you would like to serve as an ambassador to an international student in Fall 2016.

Davis Peace ProjectFollow Along! Davis Peace Project Update

We told you earlier this year about the Davis Peace Project and how three NDMU students would be working to replace the roof of a community center in a community outside of Lima, Peru.

Cristina Barrios- Lopez '17, Diana Liz'18, and Maggie Linz '16 are in Canto Grande bringing their Davis Peace Project to life and want to share the experience with you through a blog they have set up.

They will be posting weekly updates and have even created a video that will take you on a tour of the biblioteca, where the project is based. You can find their blog here.


Parts of Peace

NDMU was recently featured in the “Parts of Peace” newsletter. “Parts of Peace” is a non-profit organization that assists gap families in Baltimore. NDMU partners with the organization for our Gator Swap collection events three times a year. Students are able to make a donation while showing their school spirit for our athletic teams. The founder of “Parts for Peace” is alum Mariah Pratt-Bonkowski.

NDMU's Future

Incoming NDMU student Elizabeth Silcott is already proving she’s a “Fearless Notre Dame” woman. She recently wrote and shared the story of her mother, who immigrated to the USA from Argentina in 1988. Elizabeth's narrative gives a touching and personal look into immigration, and shares the impact that NDMU professor Leanor Blume had on her entire family. To read the full story click here.

Upcoming Events

University Assembly

August 19, Doyle Hall, Doyle Formal

First Year Student, Move-in Day

August 20, Meletia Hall, Main Lobby


Returning Student Move-in Day

August 20, Doyle & Meletia Halls, Main Lobby


First Day of Classes

August 24

School of Arts, Sciences, and Business

Faculty Accomplishments

Alfred D'AgostinoIt’s been a busy summer for NDMU Chemistry Professor Alfred D'Agostino, Ph.D.

The Louisiana Center for the Blind (LCB) recently welcome Dr. D'Agostino, who spent a week working with blind high school students enrolled in the Center's Summer Training and Employment Project (STEP) Program. In partnership with Louisiana Tech University, the initiative was part of an effort to provide high-quality, fully-accessible STEM initiatives for blind and visually impaired students in kindergarten-21 programs.

The program was very hands on, and as a blind person himself, Dr. D'Agostino understands how critically important it is for all students to experience hands-on, meaningful interactions with STEM-related subject matter.

In addition, back in June Dr. D’Agostino, presented a talk on how he has used small-group discussion, team-based activities, rubrics and student peer-review in the Chemical World Around Us and the Physical Chemistry courses he teaches at NDMU to improve science writing at the 9th Annual Regional Writing in the Discipline/Across the Curriculum Symposium. As part of the discussion he facilitated a roundtable discussion, “Best Practices in Science Writing?”


Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. Desirée Melton joined Kalimah Young as a panelist on the Marc Steiner show last month. The show was the first in what will be a series on rape culture. Topics covered included: consent, healthy sexuality, the experience of members of LGBT groups, and victim blaming.

School of Nursing

Faculty Accomplishments


Roxanne Moran, PhD, RN

Associate Professor

Maryland Nurse Residency Collaborative

The Maryland Nurse Collaborative is an innovative, first of its kind collaboration between the Maryland Organization of Nurse Leaders (MONL) and the UHC/AACN. It was launched in 2013 in response to the Institute of Medicine Report on the Future of Nursing.

Mary Packard, PhD, RN

Associate Professor

Advisory Board of the Anne Boykin Institute (ABI) for the Advancement of Caring in Nursing.

The Board is focused on providing global leadership for nursing education, practice and research grounded in caring and promoting the valuing of caring across disciplines.


Erica Brinkley, DNP, RN

Assistant Professor

Olena English, MS, RN

Director of Center for Caring with Technology

Erica and Olena were accepted into a year-long leadership program.  The Nurse Leadership Development Program prepares nurses to assume leadership positions and participate as full partners in developing health care delivery models that improve health outcomes for Maryland citizens. Nurses represent both clinical practice and academia. Nurses selected for this program demonstrate leadership potential needed for this challenge. Twenty participants represent clinical practice settings and academia. The program starts October 2016 until August 2017.

Kathleen Wisser is presently completing the same program that spanned October 2015 to August 2016.

School of Education

Faculty/Student Accomplishments

NDMU formally partners with 18 public PDS schools across four different school systems to develop teacher interns, provide professional development to school-based faculty, and support school improvement goals. Below are just a few of the many accomplishments these partnerships have accomplished this year.

Johnnycake Elementary School, Baltimore County Public Schools
Liaison – Dr. Dawn Jacobs, Assistant Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator – Jolene Anticoli, Teacher at Johnnycake 

The collaboration between NDMU and Johnnycake Elementary resulted in several notable accomplishments that strengthened the PDS partnership. Specifically, two teachers successfully completed their internships with ESL and general education teachers at the school.  Interns were supported through collaborative reflection activities, a lead mentor, teaching opportunities, welcome initiatives, and integration into school events (i.e., family nights). In addition, based on staff feedback the PDS Coordinator provided a professional development session on utilizing technology aligned to BCPS One. The site coordinator and liaison are excited to move forward during the 2016-2017SY by continuing to support families, administrators, teachers, and students.

Western High School, Baltimore City Public Schools
Liaison – Dr. Stephanie Savick, Assistant Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator – Charmaina Clay, Teacher at Western

Three interns successfully completed their internships at Western this year. NDMU and Western also partnered to offer a professional book study to teachers focused on the topic of project-based learning.  Eight Western teachers participated in the book study and gained valuable information about how they can incorporate research-based examples of project-based instruction in their classrooms. 

Woodlawn High School, Baltimore County Public Schools
Liaison – Dr. Stephanie Savick, Assistant Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator – Yalonda Booker, STAT Teacher at Woodlawn

Eight interns successfully completed their internships at Woodlawn High this year. The coordinating council continued their tradition of offering semester-long ‘chew and chat’ professional development sessions for the interns this year. These sessions allowed interns to participate in professional development topics based on their specific needs, and provided them with an additional team of practicing teachers to tap into for support and advice. Some of the topics included ‘chats’ on classroom management, special education, setting up your classroom, and first-year reflections. The Woodlawn High School leadership team also held their annual retreat on Notre Dame’s campus again this year.

Severn River Middle School Partnership, Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Liaison – Dr. Juliann Dupuis, Assistant Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator – Karen Pompey, Teacher at Severn River

Three teachers successfully completed their internships at Severn River Middle this year. In addition, NDMU faculty member, Terry Reilly delivered a workshop to Severn River teachers focused on student questioning and engagement.

Broadneck High School Partnership, Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Liaison – Dr. Juliann Dupuis, Assistant Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator –Maureen Thomas, Teacher at Broadneck

Seven teachers successfully completed their internships at Broadneck this year. One of the interns was received so well that she was asked to finish the remainder of her internship as a long-term substitute in the science department.

Lothian Elementary School, Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Liaison – Michelle M. Jones, School of Education
Site Coordinator – Jennifer Simmons, Teacher at Lothian

Interns who completed their internships at Lothian this year experienced the classrooms to which they were assigned in addition to being immersed in carrying out the mission and learning objectives of the school. They fully participated in the daily activities and events, and grew in knowledge during collaboration sessions and professional development meetings conducted by the school principal and the liaison. The site coordinator was always cheerfully available for questions, clarifications and ideas on assignments, and promoted positive energy for the interns on a daily basis. Site-based teachers embraced the work of the interns, and acted as models and coaches for them. Working together under the supervision of the liaison, the interns were able to view and experience different grade levels of teaching, and create, share and discuss many lesson implementation ideas. Workshops were conducted by the principal and liaison on communication techniques and strategies, interviewing strategies, classroom management, teaching strategies, conferencing, differentiated instruction, and body language.

Arnold Elementary School, Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Liaison – Sr. Janet Mary Sheilds, SSND, School of Education
Site Coordinator – Jennifer Simmons, Teacher at Arnold

Arnold hosted five interns this school year. Exciting things happened as the mentors and interns were provided with release time for planning and instruction through PDS funding. They visited and observed the classrooms above the grade level to which they were assigned, and the grade below. After each experience, they gathered and discussed the following open ended statements and questions:

  1. Some similarities between our grade levels that we noticed….
  2. Some differences between our grade levels we noticed….
  3. What are some things that our grade level could do to better prepare our students for the next grade?
  4. Was there something you observed for which you would like further information/clarification?
  5. What was your SLO focus this year?

This made for some lively conversation and the desire to repeat the process the next school year. Both the interns and mentors were happy working together.  Mentors look forward to next year in hosting new interns.

Belvedere Elementary School, Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Liaison – Sr. Janet Mary Shields, SSND, School of Education
Site Coordinator – Kelly Henderson, Teacher at Belvedere

Belvedere teachers hosted ten interns this school year.  The teachers and interns were very busy and enjoyed the collaboration. They worked hard together to create a positive learning atmosphere.  The interns were intent on working on their intervention project which was aligned with the SLOs and the SIP.  It was great to hear their presentations and to see the impact they have on the students in the short while they were there. Guided reading is a big thrust in AACPS.  Interns attended professional development on guided reading and the discussed the effect that it will have on the students. The interns learned to work with small groups at centers and give whole group instruction also.  It was a great year for all partners.

Aberdeen Middle School, Harford County Public Schools
Liaison – Terry McVey, School of Education
Site Coordinator – Claudine Norton, Teacher at Aberdeen Middle 

The PDS relationship at AMS became a more visible force in the building this year. AMS hosted five student interns during the course of the year. The Coordinating Council at the school highlighted efforts to welcome and support student interns as a goal. Interns were invited to a welcome breakfast and were provided with welcome bags that contained school supplies and items with the AMS logo and mascot. PDS activities in the building created a new enthusiasm among teachers to participate as mentors for next school year.  The student interns completed exit surveys that indicated an overall positive experiences at the school. The administration at the school is very supportive of the PDS relationship. The creativity and enthusiasm at AMS supports continued growth for PDS activities.

Medfield Heights Elementary School, Baltimore City Public Schools
Liaison – Joyce Cummings, School of Education
Site Coordinator – Paula Sells

During this school year, the partnership between Notre Dame of Maryland University and Medfield Heights was very successful. We mentored interns in the GEI, TESOL, ACT, MAT and CAUS programs. All interns finished their placements with positive outcomes under the mentorship of our skillful teachers.  Several interns have been hired or offered advanced contracts with the Baltimore City Public School System. Medfield Heights Elementary school focused, again this year, on improving the writing skills of students. Daily writing journals were provided to each student in order to promote opportunities to write across the curriculum. With that in mind, two interns conducted their intervention projects around the focus of improving students’ writing through the use of rubrics. The intervention projects demonstrated that students made progress using the writing rubrics. The PDS celebrated interns and mentors by hosting breakfast meetings at the end of the placements. Chat and Chew sessions with interns proved to be helpful and supportive to interns. Overall, the new initiatives of the PDS provided a foundation upon which we can build in future years. 

John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore City Public Schools
Liaison – Joyce Cummings, School of Education
Site Coordinator – Marcy Isaac

All teacher interns successfully completed their internships at John Ruhrah. To date, one intern was offered a contract to teach at the school next year.  At the request of the Coordinating Council, a book study was held during several sessions after school during the spring semester.  Numerous staff members, an intern, and the liaison participated in stimulating discussions on the text, Teach like Your Hair’s on Fire. The sessions were led by Wayne Bark, the placement coordinator at NDMU. PDS funds were used to purchase the texts. Mentors and interns have received a great deal of focus during this school year. Chat and Chew sessions have been implemented to provide support for interns. Implementing the process of email check-ins has been a helpful way to support the needs of mentors during the placements.  We look forward to building on the progress that has been made this school year.

Forest Hill Elementary, Harford County Public Schools
Liaison – Terry McVey, School of Education
Site Coordinator – Robin Peterson

Forrest Hill Elementary hosted seven student interns this school year. The interns quickly became part of this highly organized and dynamic school.  They were fully engaged and participated in supportive chat and chew sessions. The interns completed exit surveys that contributed information for review by the Coordinating Council.  The administration had the opportunity to observe and interview all NDMU student interns this school year.  There were many success stories to celebrate.  The mentor teachers and interns participated in a book study addressing close reading strategies.  This book was chosen because it supported SPP goals for the school.  Student research projects aligned well with teacher SLOs and the SPP. 

Stemmers Run Middle School Partnership, Baltimore County Public Schools
Liaison – Dr. Kelly Bull, Associate Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator – John Huber, Teacher at Stemmers Run

PDS Partner, Stemmers Run Middle School, hosted four NDMU interns this year, providing them with excellent mentoring and support.  This year, interns were celebrated at end-of-placement pizza parties where they shared the results of their action research projects. Additionally, Stemmers teacher and NDMU alum, Jason Goetz led a book study for faculty on Mindset by Carol Dweck.  All stakeholders enjoy the collaborative atmosphere created by Stemmers teachers, and interns are especially grateful for the support.

Kenwood High School Partnership, Baltimore County Public Schools
Liaison – Kelly Bull, Associate Professor, SOE
Site Coordinator – Phoebe Slocum, Teacher

 Kenwood High School initiated early-morning Chew & Chat sessions for both interns and mentors this year.  These collegial, drop-in sessions were well attended and appreciated. Phoebe Slocum, site coordinator, hosted these sessions that began at 6:30 a.m.!  Additionally, Phoebe was elected ‘Rookie of the Year’ at Kenwood and celebrated at the TABCO Recognition Dinner for her dynamic work with students.  Congratulations, Phoebe!  Teachers at Kenwood appreciated NDMU’s Coordinator of Field Placements, Wayne Bark, sharing his expertise on the FISH Approach to Boosting Morale and Improving Results. The coordinating council looks forward to another successful year in 2016-17.

Aberdeen High School, Harford County Public Schools
Liaison – Dr. Keri Guilbault, Assistant Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator – Brooke Fisher, Mentor Teacher at Aberdeen

This year we trained three new mentor teachers and recruited many more who are interested in serving as future NDMU intern mentors. Three interns completed placements at Aberdeen High School. Interns received welcome gift bags and were highlighted in the hallway display showcase. Interns participated in several professional learning opportunities with AHS staff focused on developing cultural competence and technology skills. All interns were able to visit and observe instruction in a variety of special programs at AHS including Project Lead the Way, the Science and Math Academy magnet, AP, special education co-taught classes and AVID. AHS looks forward to growing its program!

Church Creek Elementary School, Harford County Public Schools
Liaison – Rosemary Poling, Assistant Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator- Josie Curry, Teacher at Church Creek

Church Creek Elementary welcomed twelve interns from NDMU. As part of the CCES family, each intern received a faculty polo shirt and CCES theme cup. "All About Me" posters were created for each intern and displayed near the front entrance. All interns participated in collaborative planning with their respective teams, served with their mentors on various curriculum committees, and attended weekly professional development on the school and county levels. During the month of March, the liaison presented a professional development meet-and-greet on Differentiated Instruction to the faculty of CCES. The CCES mentors were extremely pleased with the overall performance and preparation of the interns, and are looking forward to strengthening the NDMU partnership during the next school year.

Hillcrest Elementary School - Baltimore County Public Schools
Liaison – Dave Morrocco, Assistant Professor, SoE
Site Coordinator – Amanda Winpigler, Teacher at Hillcrest

This school year, Hillcrest Elementary staff and the NDMU interns presented a “Welcome to Hillcrest” evening for parents and families of students whose native language is not English. As in the past two years, the interns this year provided meaningful and engaging learning activities for the children (elementary-age and their siblings) in the school library while teachers and parents met in the cafeteria. In addition, both pizza and dessert, and donated books were available for all. The mentors and interns collaborated on school-based intervention projects that benefitted their students.