Universitas is Notre Dame of Maryland University's award-winning annual magazine dedicated to honoring high-level achievement at NDMU and recognizing alumni excellence.


Uinversitas 2021-22 cover

2021-22 Online Edition

This edition explores how NDMU advances innovation in STEM and healthcare and recognizes alumni leaders who are making great strides in their professions.

Universitas 2021 cover with a graphic depicting a tower with a cross atop it on a Navy background

2021 Online Edition

This issue celebrates all of the ways that NDMU is going beyond to educate leaders to transform the world.




Universitas 2020 cover with "The Best You" displayed over signature brand artwork2020 Online Edition

This edition launches the new University brand, "The Best You," and introduces IMPRINT, NDMU's distinctive undergraduate experience.




Universitas 2019 cover with archival photo of first graduating class2019 Online Edition





Universitas 2018 cover with four women looking upward and the words "Women in STEM"2018 Online Edition





Universitas 2017 cover of Caroline Hall2017 Online Edition