Notre Dame depends on the voluntary support of alumnae and alumni.

Service is a key value in our community. But how do we know how much time a volunteer role requires? Check out the ways you can give your time, talent, and resources to the NDMU family using your availability as your guide.

Interested in any of these activities? Fill out this Volunteer Interest Form or contact the Office of Alumnae and Alumni Relations: or 410-532-5201 to sign up.

Have a Few Minutes?

Make a participatory gift to the Notre Dame Fund.

It only takes a minute to make a big impact! When NDMU has higher participation rates we significantly increase our chances of receiving funds from foundations and other major donors. It's a win-win! Make your participatory gift today.

Tell us about a job or internship opening in your company.

We can help spread the word through our Career Center.

Tell a prospective student about your Notre Dame experience.

The best advice can come from someone who's been there, done that. Share your NDMU story with someone looking to expand their educational background. Your story makes a difference. Check out the application page to learn more about what NDMU is doing now.

Nominate a classmate for an award. 

NDMU annually honors alumnae and alumni for their service and achievement. And there are so many worthwhile candidates! Nominate a classmate or friend for an applicable award. This year's nominations are due no later than Monday, June 1, 2020. 

Have a Few Hours?

Be a guest writer or interviewee in one of our publications.

NDMU graduates are often our best communicators. Guest writers or interviewees are welcome for our Tower Talk and Universitas publications.

Provide a half-day of job shadowing.

An opportunity to see first-hand what an "afternoon in the life" is like can be very beneficial for a student. During the academic year, opportunities in the Greater Baltimore area are especially appreciated to allow students to accommodate this time with their class schedule. We welcome job shadowing offers all over the globe during the summer months.

Organize and host a Notre Dame networking event virtually, at your office, or local community location.

Early morning, happy hour, or evening are excellent times to link up with like-minded professionals. Let us know the details and we'll be happy to talk with you about outreach!

Encourage peer-support in the Notre Dame Fund.

Volunteers can help by making phone calls to fellow graduates and/or writing thank-you notes to donors.

Host a tailgate at an athletic event.

We will help you partner with Athletics and Dining Services to set up a tailgating event at a sports game of your choosing!

Have a Few Weeks?