Beth French

Visiting Assistant Professor Knott Science Center (KNO) 312C 410-532-5723

Jennifer Kerr

Associate Professor & Pre-Pharmacy Coordinator Knott Science Center (KNO) 341 410-532-5706
Jennifer Kerr

Hang Kyo Lim

Associate Professor Knott Science Center (KNO) 333 410-532-5720

Ken Sossa

Associate Professor/Chair Knott Science Center (KNO) 337 410-532-5719
Ken Sossa

Paul Weldon

Professor Knott Science Center (KNO) 335 410-532-5721
Paul Weldon

Becky Zordan

Assistant Professor, Pre-Professional Advisor Knott Science Center (KNO) 343 410-532-5722
Becky Zordan

A Child's Place

Location: LeClerc Hall (LEC) People: Faculty/Staff Listing Mary Ellen Ashton, Director 410-532-5399 410-532-5160

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Academic Affairs

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) 117 People: Faculty/Staff Listing 410-532-5319

Accessibility and Health Promotion

Location: Marion Burk Knott (MBK) 218 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Arnelle Quashie, Director 410-532-5401

ACES: Academy for Catholic Educators

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) 209 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Gail Donahue, Director 410-532-5164

Alumnae and Alumni Relations

Location: Noyes House (NOY) 3rd Floor People: Faculty/Staff Listing Aliza Ross, Director of Alumnae & Alumni Relations 410-532-3184

Art Department

Location: Fourier Hall (FOU) 112A People: Faculty/Staff Listing Geoff Delanoy, Associate Professor/Chair 410-532-5582

Art Therapy Department

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) 113 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Catherine Goucher, Associate Professor/Chair 410-532-5382

Arts, Sciences & Business (School of)

Location: Gibbons Hall (GIB) 102 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Pamela O'Brien, Acting Dean 410-532-5524

Athletics & Campus Recreation

Location: Marion Burk Knott (MBK) 222 People: Faculty/Staff Listing Renee Bostic, Director of Athletics & Campus Recreation 410-532-3586