In the Media

The Baltimore Sun

The NFL could become a leader in domestic violence prevention.

NDMU‬ President Marylou Yam, a nurse and expert in the treatment and prevention of domestic violence, weighs in on the NFL's Mueller Report, urging that its important recommendations not be overlooked. 


The Catholic Review

Raising awareness: Notre Dame’s new president aids archdiocesan response to domestic violence.

President Yam and Melissa Lees, director of Campus Ministry and Community Service, are featured in this article about NDMU's efforts to educate on the issue of domestic violence.

Yam wants the university’s students to be able to recognize relationship “red flags” and know where to get help. She also wants to correct common misperceptions, including the ideas that domestic violence only affects women of low socioeconomic status or always involves substance abuse. 'We know this is a worldwide health problem,' she said. 'It cuts across all socioeconomic and racial, cultural lines.'

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