The Alumnae and Alumni Council serves as a liaising body between the Alumnae and Alumni Community and the University. To get in touch with any Council representative, send a note to


Victoria Meadows '15


Victoria is a laboratory animal research assistant for the Center for Epigenetic Research in Child Health and Brain Development at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Medicine. She studies how parental stress affects the risk of neuropsychiatric disorders in offspring. In addition to her volunteer role at NDMU, she is a volunteer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Victoria cites NDMU as giving her the foundation and tools in which to thrive in her profession. In her role as president, she says, "It's my honor to share my love of Notre Dame with the alumnae and alumni community!" Victoria's term ends June 30, 2020.

Victoria Meadows '15
Council By-laws

The Alumnae and Alumni Council serves as a liaising body between the Alumnae and Alumni Community and the University. These by-laws help frame their work.

The most recent changes to the bylaws surround accurate Council representation, changes to the committee structure, and defined leadership roles.  

Questions about the by-laws can be directed to the Office of Alumnae and Alumni Relations at