Students are always welcome to discuss concerns with any ELI faculty or administrator. Please use the steps below as a guide:

  1. Speak with any ELI instructor or administrator to discuss the issue.
  2. Submit formal Student Complaint Form, below.
  3. Meeting/Consultation will be scheduled with parties involved by administration, where a resolution action plan will be discussed.
  4. If further action is required, HR Office and upper administration will be notified.

Some examples of issues that can be addressed by submitting a Formal Student Complaint:

  1. Sexual Harassment by anyone on campus
  2. Bullying by anyone on campus
  3. Teacher Conduct
  4. Student Conduct
  5. Level Placement
  6. Grades
  7. Any other circumstances that make you feel uncomfortable

Please note that the information you share in this form will be kept strictly confidential. You are welcome to submit your name and contact information, but it is not required for this form.

Student Concerns Form

Have you spoken to an ELI staff or faculty member about your concern?