Faculty Research & Development Fund

The Faculty Research and Development Fund supports faculty development in two major ways:

  1. Funding individual faculty development projects; and
  2. Sponsoring workshops, presentations, and other activities for the faculty.

Decisions for allocation of the fund are made by the Council for Faculty Research and Development (CFRD) in consultation with the vice president for academic affairs for the available amount to be distributed each year.

Council for Faculty Research and Development (CFRD)

The Council is elected by the faculty and reports to the Faculty Senate. Six faculty members, including at least one representative of each of the four Schools at all times, are elected to serve two-year terms on the Council, with half rotating off each year.

Individual Faculty Development Projects


Full-time and pro-rata faculty are eligible to submit funding proposals for professional development projects. Eligible faculty may submit proposals as often as they wish and may be funded for an indefinite number of consecutive years.

CFRD members are not eligible for CFRD funds during their tenure on the council.

Funding Categories

Faculty may apply for research and development funds in any or all of the following categories.

  1. Supplies: Awarded for the purchase of books, equipment, and other supplies directly connected to a research project presented with the application. Supplies and equipment purchased with development funds are property of Notre Dame of Maryland University.
  2. Stipends: Awarded for research, attending institutes, workshops, or creative experiences.  The amount of the stipend, set each year, depends on the number of applicants and the amount of development funds available. The stipend award may be for summer projects or projects that are ongoing throughout the calendar year. Faculty members are not prohibited from teaching or other work during the grant period; the grant requires only that the recipient devote a significant amount of time to the funded project.
  3. Travel: Awarded transportation, lodging, and meals while engaged in research. Recipients may be asked to contribute to travelTravel expenses may not exceed an amount equal to economy airfare, round trip to the destination involved, regardless of the mode of travel. Short-term (up to two weeks) food and lodging may not exceed $150 per diem. Travel grants are awarded for fall and spring as well as summer.
  4. Student assistants: Student assistants may be hired to help with development projects. Such funds are disbursed directly from the University to the student assistant.

Criteria and Procedures

Proposal Submission Deadline: October 15 (unless amended by CFRD)

Proposals are expected to be clearly written, with a clearly defined purpose and achievable goals, making clear the potential of the project to contribute to the professional (scholarly or pedagogic) growth of the applicant. They are also expected to address how the project would help to enhance the scholarly or academic life of the University.

Prior to submission of the proposal, the applicant should confer with the dean and department chair regarding any matters that might affect institutional, school, or departmental planning.

Requests will be considered in keeping with the goal of obtaining an equitable distribution of the available funds to as many qualified applicants as possible, predicated on meeting the above criteria.

Funds awarded will be available to the awardees throughout the next calendar year (January to December) after the year of application.


  1. Granting of funds is contingent upon the recipient’s continued service to Notre Dame of Maryland University during the next academic year.
  2. Acceptance of funds carries an obligation to use the funds for the purpose stated in the proposal
  3. Grant recipients must submit progress reports electronically to cfrd@ndm.edu on or before October 1 each year for the duration of the development project and upon the completion of the development project.
  4. Faculty whose projects have been funded by the Faculty Research and Development Fund may be asked to respond to periodic surveys for the purpose of maintaining records of fund disbursements. In addition, recipients may be invited to share the findings or implications of their project with the faculty.

Faculty Workshops, Presentations & Other Activities

A portion of the Faculty Research and Development Fund is used to sponsor faculty workshops on topics of general interest that are designed to assist faculty with their teaching and advising responsibilities.

The fund is also used to sponsor presentations by faculty or visiting scholars regarding the speaker’s research.

The Office of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations supports faculty in identifying possible external grant opportunities and in preparing for and writing grant proposals. Faculty interested in seeking external funding are encouraged to consult with the Office.

How to Apply

To request funds for a project, workshop, presentation, or other faculty development activity, send a completed application to cfrd@ndm.edu.

Application (PDF)