Interaction with diverse groups and problem-solving for complex real world issues provide rich learning opportunities when coupled with guided reflection, class discussion, and skilled analysis relating to course content.

Service Learning extends education beyond your classroom into the community. If you would like to incorporate service learning into your courses, ask your academic advisor about service learning opportunities.

Service Learning Courses

Courses with a service learning component may be offered in any discipline at the undergraduate or graduate level, and are noted in the course catalog.

International Service Opportunities

Service Abroad is a four to five week independent summer or winter course that focuses on serving those who are less fortunate in other cultures.

It is an opportunity to perfect the balancing of academics, experiential learning, and personal growth experiences while expanding your self-giving.

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Annual Service Learning Award

Awards for outstanding commitment to service learning have been given to both a faculty member and a student each Notre Dame Day since the award's inception in 2007.

Year Faculty Student
2007 Kathleen Marie Engers, SSND, Professor of Communication Arts Bridget Smith '07
2008 Joanne Gladden, Ph.D., Professor of Nursing Steffani McQuerry '08
2009 RaeAnn Wuestman, Ph.D., Professor of Education Rebecca Jones '09
2010 Sally Wall, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Michelle Santos '10
2011 Susan Barber, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History Stephanie Uza '11
2012 Leonor Blum, M.A., Associate Professor of History Brianna January '12
2013 Linda Stilling, SSND, Professor of Modern Foreign Languages Marianna Milkowski '13