Looking to hire a licensed counseling professional? Consider Art Therapists in your search. Expanding your job search to include LGPAT/LCPAT comes with the same guarantees of service provision and billing reimbursement. 

Art Therapists offer creative, clinical impact.

Adept at building relationships with individuals verbally and non-verbally, using a sophisticated knowledge of art materials and processes, Art Therapists may: 

  • expand an agency’s efficacy with certain populations 
  • bring an expanded mind-body psychotherapeutic approach 
  • support clinically “reaching” previously treatment averse clients 
  • support clients and coworkers in celebrating idiosyncrasy & finding creative means for growth

Art Therapists are highly trained, licensed professionals.

  • Mental health professionals whose work is referred to as “Art Therapy” must have a license as such in the State of Maryland. 
  • All Maryland Art Therapists are either Licensed Graduate Professional Art Therapists (LGPAT) or Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapists (LCPAT). 
  • Maryland Art Therapists (LGPAT/LCPAT) are highly trained with adherence to a distinct code of professional practice, including continuing education. 
  • Art Therapists must meet the same requirements regarding overall credit and supervision hours as Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC) in the State, but course content and field work is specific to Art Therapy theory and practice, informed by national curriculum standards and clinical competencies.

Art Therapists add value.

Maryland Art Therapists are value added Licensed Professionals. Licensed distinctly under the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists, entry-level LGPAT and fully licensed LCPAT Art Therapists have completed rigorous master’s degree training, assuring competency in traditional psychotherapy and nonverbal, art mediated psychotherapy methods. 

  • Uniquely trained as pre-verbal and verbal psychotherapists 
  • Know art materials—their capacities and limitations 
  • Apply knowledge of materials and processes within the therapeutic relationship, providing opportunities for expression of self, learning, and healing without words 
  • Work in diverse settings, including within community, engaging clients in self-advocacy and social justice efforts

Ready for Hire

It is within the scope of practice of licensed Maryland Art Therapists to assess, diagnose, and practice independently. Art Therapists are included in Title 10 of the Code of Maryland (COMAR) Statue as distinct, qualified mental health counseling professionals and, as of October 2017, Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapists (LCPAT) must be recognized and services reimbursed with parity to all other licenses under the Board by third party insurance companies in Maryland. 

Art Therapists are also able to provide services that Maryland Medicaid will reimburse, in accordance with HB 298. There is no disincentive to hiring an Art Therapist.

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Cathy Goucher

Catherine Goucher

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