The Art Therapy Department and its programs aim to create a culture of inclusivity and social responsibility, with a strong emphasis on preparing clinicians who will meaningfully serve their communities, in addition to their work with clients.

Notre Dame of Maryland University offers undergraduate and graduate art therapy programs, including the only master's level art therapy program in Maryland that prepares graduates to become professional art therapists. In order to work as an art therapist, nationally and within the state, a master’s degree must be earned.

Series of three portraits
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Maria Blaszkiw with trees in the background
Maria Blaszkiw

Self Discovery through Art

Student, NDMU Class of 2020
Art Therapy (BA)
My art is a visual reflection of my journey at NDMU. As I look through each piece I am transported to a moment, feeling, or experience. Art Therapy has reawakened the love I have for playing with materials and creating new things. It has taught me that art is a process that reflects self discovery. My art has never felt complete. I now understand that it was not meant to because my journey is not complete. As I continue to grow my art will continue to change.
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