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Associate Professor
School of Education
Theresa Hall (THE) 308B

School of Education


  • Ph.D. in English Education, University of Virginia
  • M.A.Ed. in Secondary Education, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • B.S. in English, Towson University


Dr. Kelly Bull joined the faculty of Notre Dame of Maryland in 2008. Dr. Bull believes strongly in shared governance and has served in multiple roles including the Faculty Senate, University Promotion and Tenure, Grievance, Faculty Research and Development, and Strategic Planning Task Forces. In the School of Education, Dr. Bull has served on the Initial Certification, Professional Development Schools, Operations Efficiency, edTPA, Specialized Professional Association committees, and Kappa Delta Pi.

Dr. Bull teaches courses in research, literacy, language, and culture. Her scholarship has been published in English Journal, The ALAN Review, Theory into Practice, and SIGNAL Journal. She has written numerous book chapters on adolescent literacy, English Language Learners, and teacher education.

Active in professional organizations, Dr. Bull is the Maryland state representative for the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents. She involves her NDMU students in critical inquiry and social justice pedagogy, as they work to build inclusive communities and increase K-12 students’ academic achievement.


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National Refereed Sessions

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Honors and Awards

  • Faculty Research and Development Award, NDMU, 2020. Principal Investigator. TESOL Teachers of the Year: Beliefs and Critical Reflections on Classroom Practices. 
  • Faculty Research and Development Award, NDMU, 2019. Principal Investigator. World Literature Based Instruction. 
  • Mission Advancement Grant, NDMU, 2017, Principal Investigator. Syrian Refugees: Building Inclusive Communities Through Literature Discussions. 
  • Faculty Research and Development Award, NDMU, 2015. Principal Investigator. World Literature for Young Adults Multimedia Project.  
  • Research grant awarded by the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents Foundation. 2009. Principal Investigator. Young Adult Literature in the English Language Arts Classroom:  Supports and Obstacles Educators Face.

Professional Memberships

  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • English Language Arts Teacher Educators
  • Commission on the Study and Teaching of Adolescent Literature
  • Commission on Social Justice in Teacher Education
  • American Association of University Professors
  • Assembly on Literature for Adolescents
  • Kappa Delta Pi
  • State of Maryland Literacy Association
  • TESOL International Association
  • Maryland TESOL