Sabbatical Information

Notre Dame encourages faculty members to apply for sabbaticals, which allow faculty to devote themselves to study, research, writing, travel or other forms of intellectual stimulation and achievement.

Sabbatical leave provides unique opportunities for faculty to enhance their teaching while also strengthening the University’s academic programs.

The sabbatical leave policy reflects the University’s recognition that continued professional growth requires periods in which faculty members are free from their ongoing academic responsibilities. 


  • Only full-time faculty are eligible for a sabbatical leave. 
  • Faculty members are eligible for sabbatical leave upon the successful completion of seven years of full-time service at Notre Dame or seven years from the completion of the last sabbatical leave. 
  • A sabbatical leave is optional and can be initiated only by the faculty member; there is no obligation to apply.

Application Process

Faculty members seeking sabbatical leave should submit a written application to the vice president for academic affairs on or before October 1 of the year preceding the academic year in which the sabbatical is requested.

  1. The application is evaluated by the Promotion Committee.
  2. The chair of the Promotion Committee forwards the recommendation to the president on or before December 15.
  3. If sabbatical leave is approved, the faculty member, the department chair and the vice president for academic affairs collaborate to arrange the handling of courses in the absence of the faculty member.
  4. The arrangements should maintain the current academic program without detriment.


  • Compensation will be one semester at full pay or two semesters at half pay.
  • Health insurance and retirement benefits are continued. 
  • The sabbatical shall be counted as continuous service for purposes of promotion, awards and retirement.

Terms and Conditions

Faculty members receiving sabbatical leave are expected to return to full-time service at Notre Dame for at least one academic year following the year of the leave. A statement agreeing to this condition is signed as part of the application process.

Following the return from sabbatical leave, the faculty member submits to the vice president for academic affairs on or before September 1 a written description of the project(s) undertaken during the sabbatical leave and outcomes of the project(s).

The faculty member is encouraged to share the results of the sabbatical with the faculty in some form, for example, an occasional paper, an exhibit or some other public presentation. This presentation would usually take place within a year following the sabbatical leave.