We strongly encourage adherence to all Notre Dame rules of conduct, as well as local, state and federal laws—and common sense!—to keep campus safe.

Officers conduct foot and vehicle patrols on campus and are charged with the enforcement of federal, state and local laws, as well as University policies and regulations. Although public safety officers do not make arrests, the security office maintains a working relationship with the Baltimore City Police Department.

Students, faculty, staff and guests of the University are encouraged to report emergencies and criminal activity to the office of public safety. To report an emergency or criminal activity, dial 6666 on campus.

Victims of, or witnesses to, criminal activity in which there is no immediate danger may report an incident by calling the Communications Center at 410-435-0100. You may also dial extension 5360 from a University phone. An officer will make a report and follow up on your incident.

Security Awareness

The campus community is routinely informed in a timely manner of security procedures and practices, the occurrence of crimes that may be of threat to the community, and the prevention of crimes through the following:

  • orientation programs
  • campus newsletter
  • security bulletins
  • student handbook
  • awareness programs
  • bulletin boards

In order to improve security and the quality of campus life, the University installed a Blue Light Emergency Notification System. With the push of a button, you are in immediate contact with the office of public safety. When the button at the blue light station is depressed, the strobe light at the top of the station is activated, a security operator will be in immediate voice contact and a security officer will be dispatched.

The telephone keypad on the station may also be used for nonemergency on-campus contacts, including to request a security escort, ask for directions, or contact any office or residence hall on campus. The lights are along the library path, in front of Meletia Hall and behind Fourier Hall, and near the soccer field.